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Were 14 treatments of 5-FU and leucovorin enough?

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I was supposed to receive a total of 24 treatments of 5-FU and leucovorin, which were to be given in four cycles. In each cycle I would be given these chemo drugs once a week for six weeks and then have two weeks off. After 14 treatments my oncologist stopped my treatments because of a perforated colon. Were 14 treatments enough to have any benefit?

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and that's all that matters. Our bodies have their own limits and we have to listen to them!

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she gave good insight. If you haven't already done so, try to incorporate good lifestyle choices as far as diet and exercise goes. They have a lot to do with how well we all do.

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that;s difficult to answer as we all respond to chemo so differently. I've had 9 months, about 18 treatments every other week, plus Erbatux...My tumors shrunk remarkably-m i had 9 tumors on both lobes of liver, and I had a liver resection last month. My response was strongest at the beginning of treatment.


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