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My husband had radiation on 2007 to prevent mets in his brain. last year he had a seizure, went to ER, did a CT Scan, found like 6 mets in the brain. Because he already had radiation they refer us to Gamma knife treatment. This year my husband had another seizure, same history, went to ER, DID CT SCAN 4 METS. They did more gamma knife radiation treatment. In addition to the seizure he is in radiation treatment in his abdomen. The lymph nodes grew and were causing pain. Now pain is under control, but was a lot of things at the same time. The seizure, gamma knife, now radiation .....

Rafael is exhausted. After the seizure he sleeps all day. I'm exhausted too, sad and mad. I just saw in the news that companies are selling chicken with hormones and of course we eat the chicken and maybe that is the reason people is developing tumors with no reason. I can't understand why the government let this happen. How we as survivor can do something about it? we live in a contaminated world. Today is my husband but tomorrow could be my brother, my cousing. What can we do?????? Any ideas??? Let's do something.

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While I am saddened to hear of Rafael's plight, I think it is fair to say that your post is not so much about Rafael as it is about your anger.

Anger and frustration and fear are understandable, but it is important, I think, that we not allow these emotions to be misdirected.

I have been wrong before and will be wrong again, but I feel confident in stating that cancer-causing chickens are not terrorizing the world.

That is not to make light of your anguish and concern, but simply to suggest that your anger has no real outlet: cancer is.

It happens. Sometimes it is because of cigarettes, sometimes it is because of asbestos, sometimes it is because of mining in caves. One day this causes cancer, the next day that causes cancer.

Sometimes it just is.

We can blame our parents, one or the other or both. We can blame our childhood. We can blame our workplace. We can blame where we live. We can blame ourselves.

We can blame terrorist chickens.

Or, we can stop blaming and live while we can.

If you want to do something, do the walk. Walk the walk as opposed to simply talking the talk. There is a Relay for Life near you. There are opportunities to help cancer survivors and caregivers in your community. Help them.

Walk the walk.

Take care,


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Thank you Joe. I'm going to follow your advice. I'm going to find the dates of the next walk and make my voice present. Believe me, here in my job everybody says I'm too strong. Every day is a challenge for me, because even if I feel sad, I smile all the time and try to do with our optios that day, the best day. To make each day to count. For example: sometimes we just can walk in my village because Rafael is so tired. So we walk and enjoy every step watching the kids running. Enjoying the gardens, the flowers, saying Hi to the neighbors. This is a good day for me. Bad day ER, rafael with pain........

Your are right maybe my post it was more about my feelings but what Rafael feels and can feel it too. I know he is worried and scared. But somehow I keep strong and say I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YESTERDAY!!!


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