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Finally some good news

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My wife had her CT scan yesterday and went in to day to see the Dr for her report. Great news, he said the cancer has stopped, lymp nodes have shrunk,it appears to be in complete remission. Obviously we are excited, But she has not had a single treatment. Dr says now might be the time to start chemo casue her body is doing such a great job of fighting it.My thinking is, if her body is doing so good at fighting it why kill all the good cells that are working.

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might want to read the book Anti Cancer A new Way of life. could find interesting ways to fight cancer in there.

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Hmmm....that is an interesting approach! Did he explain his rationale for doing chemo now? I agree with Claudia....check out the book she recommended...it is great reading and has some excellent suggestions.

Best wishes to you and your wife!


Cindy Bear
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Hey there. That is great news! I am so happy for you and your wife. I am curious as to what he means by cancer has stopped? It sounds like he saying cancer is still there but it's being held in check ? Sorry I can't offer advice on treatment. But I thought you said, your wife had already said no to chemotherapy? Well good luck with whatever you decide.

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Wonderful news....but not understanding why still wanting treatment. Need to be more cautious? In my case had hysterectomy to remove tumors and then found it was in 1 lymh node, therefore, had chemo & radiation. But...wonder if it wasn't in lymph node??? Thinking might not have needed any treatments.

I'd double check with doc that you're understanding why the recommendation for treatments.

Best to you...

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When she had surgery Dr said he removed Lymp nodes in groin area, she says No Chemo. After this test she still says no to chemo, Dr says kill it now since her body is doing great job of keeping it in check. She still will not have treatment.she had hysterectomy to remove tumors also, And from I understand she had tumors on about every internal organ. I don't know what to think. I m just glad to get some good news for a change.
Dr says don't get to cocky, it could come back really fast and hard.

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