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Jan Trinks
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Hi everyone:

Haven't been on in a while but just wanted to share the good news that hubby's platelets have finally made it to 143,000 which his oncologist considers 140,000 and above to be normal. Praise the Lord! Everything else checked out good too. He's lost a little bit but the doc just told him to drink 3 ensures/day which he had cut down on a lot and keep eating as his taste returns which that's going well too. The onc said he wanted him to check within the next month so back with his ENT as a follow up since it is now one year (PTL again!). The rad. onc. had actually suggested this sometime ago (which we figure they're all in cahoots for the co-pay) but hey, they've all done a great job and we are truly blessed!

I think I had told y'all about my cousin who was diagnosed with adeniocarcinoma of the lung last summer (she was a life long non-smoker) but it was already in the bones at time of diagnosis so unfortunately had not been good from the get-go. Anyway she passed away this past Sat. morning. Please be in prayer for her husband Touch who is just devastated and apparently his life revolved around her. She would have been 63 in May.

I forgot to mention that hubby has to have cataract surgery on May 3 and May 17 most likely due to chemo (a part they didn't tell us about!) but there again, it can be taken care of and y'all know what a basket case wife I am. We're going to be doing our first Relay for Life on May 14; the survivor's walk and dinner and all and of course we're looking forward to that survivor's walk and Praising the Lord! Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and continued prayers and as always we're doing the same for you.

Jan and Charlie Trinks

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It is good to hear from you again and I am glad to hear Charlie is doing so well. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin it is sad that we all live in a world of sickness, but I look to that hope and place where there is no more sickness and no more cancer.

I will keep your cousin's husband in my prayers, God be with you both.

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