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great news

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I went to the doctor yesterday and got the pathology results from my surgery. He was very surprised but said the remaining mass that they removed showed a benign tumor and not the olfactory neuroblastoma. He said they would be getting my original slides from my first surgery that showed the malignant tissue and discussing it at the "cancer board". They will decide if I have to have the radiation treatments and let me know. I believe in the power of prayer!!! I will do whatever is best to not have any of this cancer but I am remaining hopeful. It is just strange how the ENT told me he was very surprised at my results and now the oncologist is very surprised at my results.
Keeping all of you in my prayers,


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It is what we all pray for. Nothing less than AWESOME! Congratulations!!

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That is great news, I hope you don’t have to take the radiation or the chemo but if you do I know that the God we serve will watch over you and your family.

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I'm so happy for you and yours, Margie.
Keep the faith.

--Jim in Delaware

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Good news Margie! Prayers work, did for me!

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Well, I got the news I have to see the radiologist. So I am thinking it's not good. I have seen that some people don't have much problem with radiation treatments. I am hoping I will be able to say the same. Boy how life changes overnight....

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It might well be that, if you do require radiation, it will be at a reduced level just to insure there aren't any stray malignant cells around. Its been my experience that radiation oncologists aren't much for gambling. Good health to one and all, Rich

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Margie, that is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!! so glad to hear it. We will keep you in our prayers.
God Bless,

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