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This Time Tomorrow?

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I wanted to share a video/song entitled “This Time Tomorrow” that one of my best friends (Randy Komberec on electric guitars)was involved in for the Lymphoma society. They’re all local Wisconsin musicians joining together for a common cause. The inspiration for the song and first video came to Cory Zimmermann when a good friend and co-worker of his was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2001. They decided to remake the video to celebrate his survival and beating the cancer. It was just finished and released last Friday night. I was fortunate enough to be at the premier showing to see all the hard work come out on screen.

The song and I think video will be on i-tunes soon, but you can see it free in its entirety at the link below. Its pretty powerful, especially if youre going through what we are, but also lets us know we’re not alone in the fight!

Its worth checking out…its the top video (you might have to copy and paste the link)

If you want to see the original version scroll all the way to the bottom of that page.

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