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My Mom was just diagnosed with stomach cancer

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Mom is 82 and very sharp. We just met with her physician and after an endoscope, PET, and the biopsy we found today that she has stomach cancer in the upper portion and it has penetrated the stomach wall and has involved several lymph nodes. She is in a weakened state and the Surgeon is wary of surgery. She is scheduled for another CT and then we will meet with the oncologist and she will decide what to do from there. Is there anyone out there that has a family member with this type of cancer at this age?

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Joined: Apr 2010

yes, my dad is turning 60 this yr and i fear he wont make it. he was diagnosed 2 wks ago.. problem is bills... we didnt qualify for medicare and instead of getting better hes focussed on bills.
we're all stressed and he doesnt look good..

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