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Hi Everyone!
Herb had his CT and PET scans moved up, and we got the results yesterday. The Dr. says all is clear ....except a spot on his tongue. He doesnt think it is cancer though, he believes it is a radiation ulcer. Has anyone else had anything like this???? I am afraid to do the Snoopy Dance just yet, as everything that could go wrong-has. Any advice would be welcomed!!! Thank you all!!!

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I am NPC and have a spot that always shows up as cancer on my PET scans, but it is only scar tissue. I too still get the ulcer on the tongue and my last treatment was 5 years ago, something we learn to live with I guess. For now my only advice it to not let it worry you, do all you can to keep his body’s immune system stay strong and fighting off cancer.

All the best to you both

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Hi Hondo!

Thanks for your advice!! I wrote earlier, but I guess It didnt post. I am so thankful for this website- this C business can really get you down sometimes, and its nice to be able to share with other people who, unfortunately, know what you are going through.

I will continue to pray for all of you daily and again- thanks for sharing!!!

Stay healthy!!


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Great to hear the good news on Herb's Scan.

if you are interested, i have listed a bunch of Supplements which I use and believe have helped me recover and also are intended to keep any future cancer at bay. Many of these supplements are aimed at boosting and restoring the bodies immune system and vital organ function. The basic theory is if your body is work as it should, cancer cells will be beaten up and eliminated by your bodies immune system. This may mean a lifestyle change as it should also involve maintaining a healthy diet that works toward cancer prevention. You may wish to explore what this diet is about. There is a reason Herb (and all of us here) got cancer in the first place.

Don't expect your doctors to help out, as unfortunately they don't generally subscribe to the theory that nutrition is a vital factor to our well-being. You will need to beat that path yourself and preferably in concert with a good natural therapist.

I have listed some information on my 'Expressions' so click on my name (to the left) and the link will take you there. Note, not all people subscribe to same belief but if you explore this path - at worst : nothing will change, at best, Herb may get become much healthier.


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Hi Scambuster!!
Thanks for your advice on all of the supplements. I used to manage a vitamin store, so I am familiar with them, but it has been 6 years since I have done that. Have you ever heard of Esiac Tea? He drinks that every day also. The only problem with him eating healthy right now is that he has 2 holes in his soft palate and food goes up his nose and he chokes. He has appts. coming up to see what they can do to remedy this situation. He is so hungry for food, but as of yet, he cant swallow it.

Thank you again for all the help!! I went to your Expressions and checked out supplements as you suggested. Will be going to the store later today!! I told "Hondo" that I pray for all of you daily, and will continue to do so if it is no offense to you.
May you stay healthy and enjoy life as it should be!!!

God Bless!! Lori

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