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Son's CT results in

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Scott got his results of his ct scan and it was good news, the results are quite promising. The mets in the liver are down 35%, the ca counts have reduced from 7800 when he started to 4100 now, and some other counts I did not quite understand what they were are down also. The tumor in the colon is reduced and the thickening of the lining is reducing. His doctor was very pleased with his results. The doctor really did not sound like surgery was going to be neccesary if he continues to do as well. He said that when it is gone they would decide on the next step and when (if) it returns he was figuring trials would be the way to go but of course all this is wait and see. This is Scott's first ct scan he has had since starting the chemo and today was his 5th of 12 treaments so we are very pleased with these results. I know as does he that things could take another turn but it is sounding quite hopeful at this point and that is going to make the next few months easier to take.

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I haven't seen you post in a while and was wondering how Scott was doing. Looks like the news is very good. Tell Scott congratulations on the results and to hang in there for the rest of the treatments.

Take care - Tina

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I am so happy to see this good news for Scott! It looks like the chemo is working for him very well. Take good care + thanks for sharing this happy news. When I found out my chemo was working it made it much easier to do the subsequent chemo sessions.

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Congratulations on the good news,I hope it just keeps getting better.

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That's very encouraging! You tell him to keep on fighting!

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