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Update Patti from late last night

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Monday night 10:20 p.m.

Patti is not doing well, she is very jaundiced, liver slowly losing function, more pain, labored breathing etc..... Austin was in the room when it was mentioned but I don't think he has figured it all out yet so I'd leave the hospice part out. I don't know that Ally knows anything about it- probably not.



Please be careful what you say on Facebook if you are a friend of Patti's or her children. A church friend just learned about her husband's death when someone called her house to ask 'is this just a rumor'. We wouldn't want the children to find out how sick mom is from someone else. I was going to ask for prayer for Patti and then thought about her kids seeing my thread..... so I asked Lisa what they know.

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It's so very hard to come to terms with this - I can read it and understand fully, but I just don't want to accept it.

My pain is nothing compared to that of her family and how I know we all wish that we could take each other's troubles away...staying vigilant and still hoping for a miracle for my KS.


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to express how sorry I am to read this about Patti. She has faced her treatment options head-on with such optimism and admirable strength. My prayers will continue for her and her family.

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What Patti is going through is so similar to my mum who passed. Her poor children and husband, as bro said I pray for a miracle.

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I just can't believe that a few weeks ago we all had such hope that Patti would have great results from the sirspheres procedure. This just makes me cry. I am heartbroken and I know Patti only through the board. I can't even begin to fathom how her family is. I say prayers for them all.

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As I read this and just can't wrap my mind around it. She was so young and full of life and we have had high hopes for her winning the battle and she took on her treatment full ahead. I will pray for the family .

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My heart is just breaking for Patti and Pat Kapper, Lizbiz, Chris and Melanie.... and the 10 who died from Nov. to Dec. Then on Colon Club, the college prof. who died this week and her 3 young children....

Survivor's Guilt .......... these losses tear at my heart.

When Patti was about to have the Sir Spheres, I read up on it just so I could understand what she was going to have. The hospital pages said it would add another 9 months. Then when they did the talc, I looked it up and saw that it was only to keep the patient comfortable for their remaining months. She never mentioned knowing any of these numbers and I just kept praying for her healing.

Honestly, I hope the stroke left her confused enough that she cannot think about her children being left behind at such a young age. The picture of the two of them with Patti's beloved dog just haunts me. (It's on my expressions page)

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I am at a loss for words, things can change so fast,

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Last week I signed on to this board (I normally visit the Colon Club Board) just to see how Patti was doing, and it just so happened to be the day that she had a stroke. I was never able to get directly in touch with her, and this news makes me so sad to hear.

She had Sir Spheres a week after my husband, and she and I expressed a lot of hope for this treatment. My husband, Stephen, was dx last May 2009 with Stage IV, and is chemo refractory. In February, he was in a lot of pain and declining quickly. Sir Spheres was done in March and made him feel much, much better for a while. We both believe that it completely turned things around in his liver; the swelling went down, the liver numbers became stable, etc. Now he is having other very bad pains in his abdomen and we will know the results of his latest Pet scan tomorrow.

Regardless of all this, I thought it was my duty to say that in our research and consultations regarding Sir Spheres, we were told that results from this treatment might not be evident until even a year out from the actual procedure. We were never given a "9 month" addition to Stephen's life...we were just told that we wouldn't really be able to see results until at least 3 months from the Sir Spheres treatment and in some cases, tumor control would continue over a year or so. I defintely urge anyone who has failed chemo who has most of the cancer in their liver to consider Sir Spheres, and research and ask a million questions about it to see if it's right for you.

I don't know what caused Patti's stroke; do you know if the doctors are saying? I hope that she is not in any pain. This just seemed to have happened so quickly.

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Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the info regarding the Sir Spheres. I am glad your husband had good results in his liver from this procedure + hope the pains in his abdomen go away. I hope for good results from his PET scan.

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Oh, me. This is so sorrowful. I'm praying for them.


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How very sad at this time for Patti and her family. This is so very hard.

Love and hugs to all

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I have been reading about the sad news about Patti, and believe me if I tell you that I didn't have the courage to even post on this board about this, until now, I am so sorry , even though I pray for everyone in general I do have a few from this board that I pray a little bit more because I think is more urgent and from that group Patti have always been there.

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Please give Patti our love again.
We want her to know how much we care.


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Thanks for the update,I am so sorry for her family.I will say some prayers for her and her family.

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You and your family continue to be in my prayers. I hope that the jaundice can be solved with a liver stent and perhaps it may even help the breathing. I too am praying for a miracle. Patti joined this board shortly after I did and I have always followed her journey with much hope. This is sad sad news.

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