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Stage III Melanoma

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Hi all,

I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma on June 3, 2010. Have had the mole removed from my back and lymph nodes on my right armpit removed and now on inter feron for the year. I'm 6 months into the inter feron and feel good somedays and really bad on other days. Any suggestion to get through the next 6 months.


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Hi Deb I have stage 3A melanoma as well they removed it all thank god for that.I don't start interferon until May 3rd. When you say your 6 months into interferon and have good days and bad what exactly do you mean? Are you still on high dose or are you on low dose? I am just wondering because my doctor told me that the month of high dose I will be sick but on low dose I will not. Is that not true? You will be in my prayers. I hope the next six months go more smoothly for you. Carrie

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Hi Deb and Carrie,
How are you doing with interferon?? I have Stage 3 melanoma in my left neck and on Sept 28 I am having a modified radical neck dissection. They say I will have some type of chemo after. What made your dr. decide on interferon? I know nothing about what treatments are best. I've heard from some people that I should ask about interferon. Please let me know. Thanks, and Take Care.

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First of all, I wish you the best on your surgery. I had radical node disection in my right arm pit on September 15th. I stayed one night in the hospital, and have gotten a bit stronger everyday. I am in stage 3B from a Melanoma on my back. I will also be starting Interferon on the 4th. During my surgery the doctor implanted a port a cath so that I could receive the intraveneous treatment. I would certainly ask your doctor about Interferon. Feel free to email me if you would like at any point, I would be glad to tell you how things are going, as well as what I am going through with Interferon. My email is patty@dpand3.com. Take care, Patty

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