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preparation for radiation

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What recommendations would you make for someone before they start radiation treatments? I am already loosing some weight (okay-that's not such a bad thing right now). But I worry about the mouth and throat sores and difficulty eating that I read about. I know sugar is something to avoid. I feel weak at times now and I want to be able to recover as quickly as possible. I don't think I can afford organic meats as I am feeding a family of five now. My son has some chickens he is raising so I will be able to get fresh eggs(if my shepherd doesn't keep killing them!) I am hoping to plant a garden. but in addition any supplements or vitamins?



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Hi Margie,

I consulted a Naturopathic Doctor with cancer experience prior to starting treatment. I was given some Homeopathics for the emotional side as that can be an issue. I was also given some supplements but many of these you will have to stop during treatment in case they interact in a negative way with the radiation and Chemo (I assume you will also get some form of Chemo ??).

Much information below is therefore targeted at your recovery post treatment. I didn't have much time from diagnosis, surgery and commencement of treatment for the SCC of the left tonsil.

You body takes a beating during this treatment so anything that boosts your immune system to help the body process and eliminate the poisons and waste is a good thing. You should seek professional advice on this. I have listed all the Supplements I am taking on my 'Expressions' page if you click on my name in the photo <<<<<<.

One supplement I do recommend you get now is L-Glutamine which will help your mouth and throat condition and also help maintain muscles tissue which you can easily lose if you lose excessive weight as many of us do. Losing fat is OK but not good to lose too much muscle. Google it to learn more.

Many of these supplements help boost the immune system, help the liver function, and also a bunch of them are anti-oxidants. In theory, if your immune system is working properly, any free radicals and 'cancer cells' should be killed off by your body because we all get them. just when our system isn't balanced or working right, the cancer cells can get a hold.

Also, it is recognized that Cancer thrives in 'Acidic' environments and also loves processed sugars. As such, if you eat to create a more Alkaline body and reduce processed sugars, then you should be better off. I am unsure when you are to commence treatment but all these things will help, but as said you need to be directed by a professional so you don't compromise the treatment. To check you body acidity, you can buy a small book of 'litmus paper' test strips at a drug store or health supplement outlet, pee on the paper and match the color to the chart in the book to show what pH you are. I would put money on you showing too acidic.

On the diet, while animal proteins and processed foods in general should be avoided, increasing your intake of raw foods, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables is a very good idea (esp raw). By whole grains, this mean cutting out white bread, white pasta and rice and getting into whole grain breads and pastas and red and brown rice. Doing fresh vege and fruit juices and wheat grass is a good idea - so If not already done, get yourself a juicer. You may want to google 'Cancer diet' to gain more information. You can do all the diet stuff right now.

Once you are finished Rads and Chemo, then you can let fly and get as much of the good supplements into you as you can so you give your body what it needs to recover and heal and then remain strong and in good condition to ensure your body can fight off any future problems.

I had a PEG installed about week three of my treatment as I was losing so much weight (total 44lbs so went from 206lbs to 162). I couldn't tolerate the ensure etc so found a product called Sunrider Vitashakes which kept me alive for a few months and gave me essential nutrients. I still do 1 or 2 a day now. It is a bit expensive but I had no choice. It can ordered online or via a distributor or become a member and get ~15% off RRP.

Nearly all of us lose lots of weight during treatment so actually increasing your weight now is often a good idea to give yourself a buffer in most cases. Getting sufficient nutrition into you during the treatment is a big challenge. You should try to get 2000 calories per day to maintain weight and health.

I know I have bounced around on your topic here but I hope this info is of some use and certainly giving some ideas to work from. Many folks may not agree with my views on nutrition and the diet but my research and life experience has shown this path to be sensible regardless.

Keep in touch and feel free to post more questions. More info will follow below.


Kent Cass
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You're not getting a Chemo with the radiation?


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I have olfactory neuroblastoma and have had surgery. I find out today if I have to have the radiation which I am assuming the worst. Chemo isn't that effective for this. I am praying for good news today and keeping my fingers crossed!


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Welcome aboard,

I had nine weeks of chemo, then seven weeks of concurrent chemo/radiation (35days). When I was in my last few weeks of radiation (seven weeks) and a few weeks past that, Ensure Plus was my go to. It has tons of vitamins and minerals in it and around 350 calories if I remember.

To be honest with you, more than likely it and water is about all you are probably going to be able to handle for those weeks mentioned above.

Stay hydrated, drink water often and as much as you can...try to use your throat muscles keeping them in shape. I could also take in some jarred peach slices, but not a lot more.

To me the Ensure Plus was about the best bang for the buck calorie, viatamin and mineral wise...

Good Luck, and keep us posted,

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