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My mom's blood test..please help

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My mom had a partial gastrectomy a year ago. She gad 75% of her stomach removed, no lymph nodes were compromised. She has a lot of stomach discomfort especially reflux. She says it is like a spicy liquid that comes up all the way to her nose and she needs to thow it up. I am assumimg this is part of the side effects of the partial gastrectomy. Doctors don't really give us a specific answer.
A few weeks ago she had her blood tested (She lives in Peru, South America and they told her that her "EOCINOCILOS" ( I don't know the translation in English are very high...the normal count is between 0-3 and she has 7.9%
her appointment with the doctor is comming soon but in the meantime I need to know if someone can help me and tell me what these numbers could be high??

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