Need help on dry cough and pulmonary test

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I need to take a pulmonary test but I have a dry cough that wont go away. How can I pass a pulmonary test when I take a deep breath I cough and when I try to blow out I start coughing a dry cough. Has anyone else had this happen. I am trying to build up my lung function by taking deep breaths when sitting around and also walking on treadmeal, but the dry coughing starts up. I know I can breath deep and blow it out a long time if i didnt have this dry cough. I finished with chemo and radiation plus i have a tumor on the lung. Perhaps this is why i have the dry cough to start with. If you have any suggestions please let me know as I need to pass this test.


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    Why are you having the test?
    Why are you having the test? It's not something you need to "pass" - presumably it's to test your pulmonary function as it is. If you have a respiratory issue, you especially should go get the test done so it can be diagnosed and treated.