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Question very scared :(

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HI all. I went to my doc this week. I have something in the back of my mouth, up above where your tonsils are. Doc says it looks like lymph material, but he's not particularly worried about it. He did, however make me an appiontment with an ENT, can't get in until another week from Monday, but the last few days, the whole side of that side of my head hurts, including my ear, throat, neck, etc. I've had cancer before, breast cancer, and noticed I had been coughing alot when I lay on that sie at night. If I turned over to my back or the other side, the coughing stopped completely. I thought it was just from some sinus drainage. So one day I got a flashlight and low and behold there this this 'thing' there in the back of my mouth :( Very scary. My brother has already had cancer in the bottom of his mouth, my dad died of lung cancer and my grandfather had esophageal cancer.

I can't find any pics that look like what I have though. Can anyone give me any information that might help calm me down a bit, or does anyone have any idea, or have had the same experience?

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My tumor was about the size of a walnut, it looked like a piece of meat and was right next to the uvuala. I would see an ENT right away, have it removed and biopsied.
My tumor was positive for cancer and I have completed treatment at this point.
Good Luck

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I had what i thought was a mouth ulcer way back in my mouth and after a few weeks I stuck my finger down and felt a small nodule like thing which was actually on where my left tonsil used to be (I had 'em out when i was 7). I went straight to my ENT guy who was not sure but said it could be tumor and he took a biopsy. Mine came back Positive as SCC (Squamous Cell Carcinoma). They gave me a PET/CT the next day and 3 days later I had it surgically removed. It showed 'shadows' on 2 neaby lymph nodes but the level indicated more inflammation rather than mets. My surgery was just through the mouth as I was stage I, so I got it early. This was followed by 7 weeks of Radiation (IMRT) and Erbitux (Target Chemo). I finished treatment early October 2009 and while I had a rough time of it, am doing great now.

Please note you have asked this question on a Cancer Survivors Network so nearly 100% of responses will say their's came back positive. I would certainly get straight onto your ENT as quick as you can as the faster you react, the better the outcome. Push them all till you either get the all clear or if you find it is Cancer you can get cracking with a course of treatment.

I had the treatment as above and also focused a lot on on diet, nutrition, supplements homeopathics as well. You can click on my picture and see the longer story in my 'Expressions'.

Hoping all goes well for you. We are all here to help if you need and while we all have had different situations, there is a similar thread to our experiences so tap in whenever you need.

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Thanks for the answers. I don't know where else to go but here. This is really the best forum I've found so far for what is going on. I hope it was ok that I came asking questions. I've had breast cancer and belong to a breast cancer forum, but I don't think this is related to the breast cancer. I have an appointment with the ENT next Monday, not soon enough for me. Am really freaked out by this. I've already done the whole chemo thing and of course once you've had cancer, everything else that happens is fairly scary. My breast cancer isn't rearing it's ugly head at this point.

Does anyone have any suggestions on other sites that would be helpful for head or neck or throat cancer?

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