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I forgot I had Cancer today........

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I really struggled since my last Rad on December 17th, nausea and sickness, fatigue, all the eating issues, sensitive tongue, blah blah blah. Today, I went to the beach, I have been feeling better as of late, and today, as I sat in my beach chair on Tybee Island in Savannah,Ga, I was drinking a beer, and I actually had a good 30 minute period where I forgot all that I had been through. All the suffering, all the worry and anxiety, fear, etc, etc, etc. I found even for just a brief moment, my happy place. So I just wanted to share as an example to you guys that there is a life after all this bullsh!t, and that you could use me as the example as proof that this too shall pass.

Love you all,


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Hey Gravey,

Maybe you are suffering from another ailment known as CRS. I have it, and it rears it's ugly head all the time. But some occurrences are not bad and sometimes helpful. I remember when all 3 of my daughters were younger, I suffered from CHS, which also makes you say huh a lot.

Good you could escape for a little while. Lord knows we need it.

Best to ya,

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I am new here...partner just diagnosed. We are at the very front end of this trip. I will fight hard for 30 minutes of normal on a beach in Savannah. Ironically, Mark and I had Savannah as one of our destinations this summer. Hopefully we will be where you are a year from now...beer too!! Congratulations!

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Pam M
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Here's to many more times of forgetfulness.

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Ahhh - Now that sounds like a perfect 30 minutes! As for a beer, used to LOVE it, now tastes yucky! (Maybe a glass of wine for me?) But I am so happy you found peace and happiness for a short time. It will re-energize you! Thanks for giving me hope, and many others. Stay strong, and God bless you!

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Glad for your good day!!
I miss the ocean, am in Montana now..(we had snow this week)
Looking forward to time like that to come

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We all need a good escape sometimes glad you found it on the beach, I am glad you were able to forget about the cancer you once had.

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Thank you all, I really posted that for you all like I said, to give all of you an example of what can and will come. I had it really rough, and I know all the thoughts that run through your head during the horrible times, but just know that the good times, no matter how large or small, will come. Just look for them........


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Hi Gravey,

Great to hear your bit of positive news. You made my day. You now start the journey to add more of these moments and they will eventually take over as the majority, not minority. This is a 'turn the corner moment'. It will get better and better till you focus back on life and what matters.


friend of Bill
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Your post made my day, reminding me of how potent time and mother nature can be. Onward to longer and frequent spaces of "forgetting!"


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My husband has survived this treatment too. He finised in Sept. We spend about 8 weeks - March and April on St Simons Is. We were there this year and are already reserved and planning for next. Join us for a day on the beach and a couple of beers!!!!

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I am 7 weeks post treatment & can hardly wait. Thank you for making me smile!

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