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Chemo sickness

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How long after Chemo ends, carboplatin does the sickness end. I have two more left and I have been so sick all week. Take my pills and throw them back up.


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Hi Brad. I was very lucky. I did not get sick. My symptoms were extreme fatigue which let up after 10 days each time (I had 3 rounds of cicplatin).



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Several thoughts: 75% or more of people receiving carboplatin report side-effects, with cisplatin it jumps to 90% or higher; "recovery" time varies widely; hydration is critical as is side-effect medication ( I had the barfs really bad one night and resorted to suppositories...please pardon the pun but that was the night I bottomed out). Don't wait until Monday, call the week-end number and get some help. I did and that kept me out of the hospital. You are in the thick of it, try not to be discouraged, you're well on the way to being rid of the damn thing. Best of health to you, Rich

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Hey B-man,

I had 3 Cysplatin treatments and 35 Radiation treatments, and would get sick from the chemo 3rd day being the worst, would stay sick for about 8 days total, then it would subside, but then, after my final radiation treatment on December 17th, I was nauseated until like the middle of March. I felt my chase was a little different than the others because I was sick for so long after my last treatment. I was on 3 different nausea medications at the same time, the dot you put behind your ear, phenergan 25mg, and Zofran 10mg I think.
I finally dont take any nausea meds and can eat and drink as I please. But yeah, I threw up A LOT between the middle of December, and the Middle of March. I too had fatigue really bad, slept for a solid week after my last rad, then I slowly built up, I started back to work on Feb 1st, I worked 4 hrs a day for 2 weeks, I would get home at 1 oclock, and sleep until the next morning. Then, I began full time the next two weeks. I would work til 4:30/5:00, and then come home and sleep until the next morning. I am now at the point where I can get up at 7 in the AM, work a full day, come home and stay up until 10 or 11, then go to bed. I am tired during that 5 to 10 at night period. But I dont feel like I NEED to go to bed as I did before.

Good luck to you and Godspeed,


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Hi Brad, like Gravey & Mick, I had Cisplaten also, along withTaxotere and 5FU. During those three weeks cycles (nine weeks total) I took Emend the first three days, then Zofran if needed, but that was rarely.

After those nine weeks I had seven weeks of concurrent (weekly Carboplaten), and daily (35 days) of Radiation. I only had the Zofran during that period.

I was also very lucky, I never got sick other than once as for the Chemo.

I did get very sick a few days after the second round of Chemo. But that was fron de-hydration. So make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, dehydration will definitely make you very sick.

All I wanted to do was sleep, the more I slept, the less I drank, the sicker I became.

Good Luck and hope you get some relief soon.


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