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Liver Met Update 2 chris37

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I saw the Onco Dr today and he thinks that the tumors are not cancer because they did not light up on the Pet Scan and nothing else showed on the Pet either. Their was three doctors that reviewed the scan I guess it looks a little confusing but because my liver tumors didnt glow and all my blood work has been in normal range they are thinking that they are from being on the birth control pill for the past 16 years.
So the onco Dr. has me scheduled for another MRI in July (3 months) and Ill get to do another round of blood work and see how everything falls out. He did not want to refer me to a liver specialist yet. So Im guessing that Im ok for now unless I start having problems, Which the onco Dr was real nice and said that if I did they would get me right in.

Has anyone ever had a Pet Scan that was not accurate? I guess that would be my only concern. So Im going to hang in there until then. Again I wish all you guys well and thank you for listening to me. Everyone has been great.


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I remember dreaming that my doctors would tell me that it was all a mistake and it wasn't cancer! I am happy for your news. PET scans are very sensitive and from what I've read they can give false positives which means they pick up even the tiniest of spots. So if nothing showed up on your PET I think it's encouraging news for you. Follow up in 3 months as the doctors suggested. If you are really uncomfortable with all of this then I would recommend a second opinion to put your mind at ease. It's your health, don't worry about hurting any doctor's feelings.

Wishing you the best and happy for your good news!

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Hi Christine,

Thank you for updating us. I agree with Liz that this sounds like good news. I hope that when you have your MRI in July, those benign tumors will be gone. Also with 3 drs looking at the results, I would feel confident, because they are in agreement, but if your questioning the results you could get a second opinion like Liz said. I wish you well. Lori

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This sounds like good news to me also. A clean PET scan is probably the best you can ask for and that's what you got. As has been suggested, just make sure to follow through with the upcoming appts. and if you ever feel uncomfortable with what your doctors have told you, seek another opinion. Very good advice. Take care and best wishes.

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for the good news Christine. Wishing you the best!!!

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