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Just Got Home

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Joined: Dec 2009

I had my robotic 2 days ago. I'm surprised by the amount of pain I'm experiencing. The gas pain is also a special treat. Is this pain to be expected?

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I only had pain when I coughed...I had a cold/cough at the time. Of course, everyone is different.

For the gas, they got me up in the middle of the night to walk....that helped. And I walked a lot when I got home...even with the stupid bag on my leg. I think it helped me heal. I was back playing tennis 3 days after bag was removed. Hang in there...it will get better & better.

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The outcome of surgery is always a surprise. I was not so comfortable those 7 days after surgery and it was a joy to get that cath pulled.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

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When I had my robotic I was also shocked by the amount of pain I had. But I have a very low pain threshold. It will get better in time so don't worry. Make sure and walk! Walk! and WALK!
Push water. If you haven't heard when you get up from a chair or a bed...Hold a pillow over your stomach area it helps tremdously. Also if you keep neosporin ointment at the catheter entry point it will help that area.

I'm at 8 months post davinci and still have some in deep mild pain in particular when I first lay down at night. Other wise doing really great.

Larry age 55

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Yes the gas pain was bad for me but passed on day 3. The second worse pain for me was taking my first BM plus getting "regular" again which took about 2 weeks becuase of the iron I had to take for 2 weeks... You are on the road to recovery and walk, walk, walk...from week 3 to 6 I walked over 150 miles today (50 miles per week)...

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Yeah, mate all sounds normal.
The worst pain for me was the gas, and bowel movement
with the cath in is no fun.
My friend rang me up 3 days after surgery and was making
me laugh so much I had to put the phone down on him because of the
stomach aches.
My pain improved greatly after a week and by 2-3 weeks was pretty much gone.
As Larry and BD said, walk and drink, it helps a lot.
Your on the road to recovery,

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Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. I fell slighter better today. I even had my first BM this morning.

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great on the road to recovery from surgery and take your stool softners for 30 days or so...and you can never eat enough fiber...

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Grab that pillow and cough. That will also help with the gas.

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good to be home isn,t it . yes gas pains are bad but will pass with the walking .3 weeks time you will feel a lot better .4 months on and I feel great just some odd pains with the peeing somtimes .It does get better and life returns to some normality .Hope alls well remember those keegal exersises they will help you when the catheter is out . Best wishes and fast return to good health

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I had my DRLP on April 7 at high noon.

Today is day 16 after surgery and day 9 post Catheter. Don't get impatient with yourself regarding the pain. It was really 2 weeks before I could roll over in bed or cough without tears coming to my eyes. Just give it time. And, walk, walk, walk, and then walk some more. This, I am convinced, really made me better faster.

Good luck my friend! Hang in there - there are a lot of us going through this along with you.


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Don't try to be a hero and not take the pain meds prescribed....we have them for a reason! I absolutely loved my Tramadol....it made me completely pain free and I never had an issue with pain until the BM and that was bearable...but everyone's pain threashold is different.

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