lymph nodes reactive but!! Very confused an nervous

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I had a lymph node biopsy, ast week, I called te Doctor yesterday, she told me taht se received a partial on the pathology results, it shows that my lymph nodes are definately
reactiv, she says that she dosent see Cancer yet, but this could mean it may be in the future, so Im really confused, she also said that the remainder of the testing hasnt been completed yet and we need to see what they show. Question, have any of you had this prior to being diagnosed.......


  • catwink22
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    Hi Marciaz, what type of biopsy did you have? Was it an aspiration done by a needle or did they remove a node? I'm not sure what is meant by "reactive", I've only heard that term used in PET scan results. If the biopsy was done by a needle, it's possible there isn't enough to determine if there are cancerous cells and they have to break it down further. I'm a big advocate for second opinions, you might want to have another doctor take a look if you are not satisfied with the answers you get. Good Luck!