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anyone have info on XELODA?

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DR said The ca in pelvic area did grow again but the spot in lung was same, Good news is that is only 2 places I have it
I was really scared this week waiting on results of this Pet CT SCAN Surgery will have to wait my onc wants me to have it done but when he called surgeon from Cleveland they want it to shrink first? So now I start taking XELODA good news is no more AVASTIAN since they are hoping to do surgery eventually Now I have 2 questions What can anyone tell me about your expiriance with XELODA Yes I read the pamplets but youns know how that is want to know more from someone who has been there done that also I havent seen Kimby post for awhile does anyone know how she is thanks for any info Sorry for long post

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I did xeloda,and the few problems I had where ,numbing of fingers,loss of appittite,some people have issues with their feet,but I didn't.I did have bad cramps,but I think that was from the radiation.I did both at the same time.I did have to use a skin conditioner soap for dry skin,I didn't have a problem with dry hands,but some people do.They both shrank the tumor alot,it was blocking just about my entire intestine,and had spread just as far outside the wall,and attached to my tailbone.They shrank it enough to get it all,with 11 lymph nodes.Good luck,I hope that helps.

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radiation as well as oxi at the same time so hard to tell exactly what caused what as I also had loss of appetite, extreme fatigue. mood swings, chemo brain, but whatever their "side effects", they did their job in my case by shrinking tumor considerably that was obstructing end of rectum,tho I still needed surgery. Hoping you get good results too.. steve

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I did 5 rounds of Folfox first then had to discontinue it because of severe neuropathy. I am into my third cycle of Xeloda. I have had sluggish bowels, fatigue, hand & foot syndrome,mouth sores, depressed mood from time to time and slight nausea....I had fatigue, mouth sores, and red itchy hands with the 5-Fu too.

All in all I am doing better on Xeloda. My energy level waxes and wanes but for the most part I think I am more energetic.Pulled weeds in my garden 3 days in a row which I absolutely could NOT do on Folfox. Also, my hair has thickened back to normal since starting Xeloda.

Good luck!


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I had xeloda while receiving radiation and tbh I did not suffer any symptoms until the last two weeks. I think those two weeks made up for the month of relative easy sailing.

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Pat Karguy Pat AND Steve You all have made my day a lot better knowing you all had good results from the xeloda with shrinking tumors and the side effects dont sound too bad
Makes it a lot easier to deal with knowing there is a good chance it will shrink the tumot Thanks again Thank God for people like you on this network take care

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I was pretty lucky - my pre surgery chemo/radiation consisted of xeloda and oxaliphatin (sp?) for 5 weeks.
The only side effects I have to attribute to xeloda was numbness/tingling of hands/feet and leg restlessness, some minor constipation and low white blood cells.

I'm 45 and in good health otherwise - no other meds prior to the cancer, and regular exercise. Not sure how much that makes to offset side effects.

I like taking the pills vs having an infusion pump for the alternative meds.

It has been 2 weeks since I ended treatment and still have tingling in legs/feet - not pain, just like the limbs ready to fall asleep.

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I have been on Xeloda since Sept 2009. I have had very few side effects. My hands and feet are very dry and a little cracked. They do not hurt at all. My doctor just lowered my dose from 3600mg a day to 3000mg a day . I do one week on and one week off. I also do Avastin every other week. I began the Avastin in Feb 2010. The Xeloda has been much more toleralble for me than the Folfox and 5FU alone were. I always had a really tired day after the pump was disconnected. I have been working full time while on Xeolda and Avastin. My hair has gotten thicker. Good Luck. Brenda

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Hi sheri, I've done the folfox, the folfiri, and the avastin. the past 3 yrs. have pretty much been all chemo. Now I started xeloda because of 4 spots on lungs. I chose xeloda because I was tired of the infusions and pump thing. I've done the pump thing 30 times already. Anyway, I don't want to scare you but after only 9 days I had to stop the xeloda. I was taking 8 pills a day(4,000mg) for 2 weeks and then one week off. I saw the onc yesterday for my avastin treatment and told him about my hands and feet. My hands are very red and swollen and feel like they are burned on the palms. My feet are also doing weird things, along with sore mouth. He told me to stop taking the pills and when I start up again we are going with 6 pills(3,000mg). I've had similar side effect with 5fu but not near as severe as xeloda. Other than that I like taking the pills. I'll keep you posted but not everyone has the exact same side effects. Hope you manage yours well, take care and God Bless, Randy

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Thanks for info I am on the 3000 a day too, I couldnt believe how quick the neoropothy set in though just started it yesterday went to store today picked food out of freezer at store weird feeling I thought it was just my imagination but I really cant complain it is soo much better than the pump. Deb you are right about the energy I was outside all morning and cleaned this afternoon didnt feel that good with the pump on, Now my only concern is if I can still go swimming this summer?

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