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squamous cell

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I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell a couple of weeks ago. It's on the bridge of my nose and am having MOHS surgery on the 28th of this month. I was concerned but thought oh well, I'll have the surgery and go on with my life I'm 62. I guess I'm now getting paranoid and would like to know if anyone on this site can help. I have a feeling that I waited too long to see the doctor, it was only a dry patch on my nose for about 3 years hardly noticable. Then a white lump appeared a few months ago. I'm now have a spot in the roof of my mouth and a actinetic keratoses spot I had removed on my arm about 5 years ago has come back. This morning I was doing some housework and my nose started bleeding from both sides and it really scared me, not a little amount but just pouring. I have'nt had a nose bleed since I was a kid. I don't have allergies or a cold. My question is, has anyone on this board ever had the bleeding? Also could this be a symptom that the cancer has spread. Any input would help, thanks so much.

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