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Question of the week ~

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Question on the week ~ When did you first see your husband / wife?

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was working day shift and a friend of mine asked if we could trade shifts for a day because he had a court that he needed to go to. I remember waking into the building and going to the 2nd floor nurses station to get my list of patients and report and there she was!! OMG........ It was love at first sight.

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Got a look at her from behind on a Sierra Club backpacking trip in Oklahoma. After that two friends of mine set me up with her a couple of weeks later and the rest is history I tell everyone we meet in the woods.

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She, like I, was with another during our high school days, and we use to double date. Thought she was fantastic then but... We met again while I was in the service. We were both 1,000 miles from home at the time. Everyone also thought we were insane for how quickly things moved after we "ran into" each other again. Call it destiny or whatever but we married very soon after and will be celebrating 25 years on the 25th of May. She is my one and only, best friend, life saver, soulmate, rock, heart beat, princess....

"Nothing that I am able to give to her do I find worthy of her, and only in this way do I discover that I am a poor man. And so I give to her the only thing that I possess-myself"

that is a edited quote but sums up how I feel about my wife to a "T"

This is a nice string to follow, great question!! and congrats to all who post with such nice things to say about their significant others!

C Dixon
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I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 14 at a church retreat at Camp St. Christopher in Charleston, SC. We became instant friends and got married when I was 26 and he was 24. He is my best friend and the biggest blessing in my life.

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My younger sister had just started dating him and brought him home to meet me.I was doing some work in my room so in they came.Instant attraction. Sister wasn't serious about him so I got him. I think she lived to regret her generosity. 38th wedding anniversary coming up May 1.


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Ya had me at the intro :)! congrats on the 38 it is a tribute to you both!

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I was sent by Tift Baptist Women's College to a cotillion / formal dance as a date for one of the Officers (Officer Candidate School). The next dance, my college big sister set me up with a guy 'you'll just LOVE'. I first saw him coming toward me in the parking lot and it was love at first sight. Two weeks later we were engaged and 5 1/2 months later we were married. Yes, I wore white!!

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I ordered her out of a catalog, LOL:)


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Chip & I worked at the State park - his grandparents had a lake house on the lake I grew up on...he & I dated every Memorial Day thru Labor Day - and finally figured it out in 1994....after college and grad school - his aviation career (California - then back to Pittsburgh) and the death of my godmother brought us back together (she adored him - and when I called him to tell him of her funeral and I would be in his area - he met me) dated Feb thru April, then engaged - married in October 1994! I love my husband and he is my sole mate!

Craig - you make me laugh!!!!

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I was a waitress at Brooklynn Grill he asked me out for a few months before I would go out with him, I was going thru a divorce at the time finaly agreed to go out with him been living togather since 3rd date been married 19 years togather a little over 20 years
I used to be really independant til he came along and I would be so lost without him
We do have our fights over stupid things like everyone but making up is fun,

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Kerry S
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I met(picked her up) my wife at a drive in hamburger hang out on Valentines Day. I had been out playing in the creeks with my jeep and both the jeep and I were covered in mud.

I saw her in a little Mustang and just got in gave her a hug and told her I loved her. On our second date I asked her to marry me. I had been drinking at the time. On the third date she said that she thought about it and also thought we should get married. Damn, I was sober then, but I agreed. We got married that June as we had to wait for her to graduate from high school.

The funny part is everyone thought it was a shotgun marriage. We did not have our first child for 2 years. This June will be our 45th.

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and my stomach started hurting while I was on the beach. I was starting to go home(15-20 minute walk away-the way I walked then was quickly) when I decided to go to the notorious Bay One, where I had a bunch of friends where I could leave my stuff and do my business in the ocean rather than go home and come back.There was this woman I'd never seen before lying there on a blanket among some friends so after I came out of the water, for some reason, I just walked over and shook my wet hair over her (mine was halfway down my back then, hers longer) and laughed when she cursed me out. We've more or less been together since. She's done some real nasty stuff to me over the years but since DX, I'm alive because of her. Its changed her as it has myself. For reasons I won't go into, we can't get married so we just live together and thats how its gonna be forever....steve

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I met my boyfriend, Rick, at work, it was his first day on the job. My secretary was busy, so I offered to pick up the new guy from the front desk. I knew that he was "the one" as soon as I looked into his beautiful blue eyes. I checked his ring finger, no ring, so I was quite hopeful. Over the next few days I kept bugging the secretary to get him to fill out his personal information sheet so that I could see if he was single. She took the more direct route and simply marched into his office and said, "Cynthia wants to know if you're available." He told her yes, but she didn't tell me! The next day he asked me out to dinner and we haven't been apart since - it will be two years in May. As I often tell him, he is the love of my life, and I can't imagine life without him.

- Cynthia

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...and at the Iron Hill Brewery...actually. We "met" through an online dating service, talked on the phone and I just loved his voice. It was calm and reassuring even then. Our first date was on April 22, 2007 (our 3 year anniversary is coming up!) and after dinner in West Chester, PA, and a short walk, he was so nice that I wanted to see him again.
We've both been divorced and this is our "mid-life love." He's a wonderful man and I'm very grateful.

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wife, wife, wife - YES, yes, the redhead! I met her in college. Her hair was like fire and it drove me insane. Still it took a year before we started dating and two years before we married. Biggest mistake of my life was not to marry this wonderful woman the moment I met her or perhaps even sooner before she had an opportunity to learn what I was really like. It will be 29 years on May 16!

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I first saw my husband when he came into the medical library where I had recently started working. He also worked there in another department. At the time I had a terrible throat infection and had lost my voice (had to take speech therapy to regain my voice). So I replied to his conversation by writing notes (little did he know how much I can talk!). When he came back in my office later after a break, he brought me a balloon and a box of raisins to welcome me to the job. I still have the empty raisin box! We married 1 year and 3 days after we met, and it's been 34 years. It's a good thing...


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As that old 80's song goes:

"I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true"....yep,I was a cocktail waitress at a rock and roll club, he walked in to get a drink, I was off that night, so was talking to the bartender, who was a good friend, when he was ID'ing Wes, and he said something about his bday being Feb 17, and I never met anyone with the same bday as me, so I looked at his ID also, and he had such a good bod, a great smile, and beautiful green eyes, not too mention a mullet as long as Billy Ray Cyrus's back then, he was and still is very handsome, and has since lost the mullett look, but he is still a sweet, caring guy, and we get to celebrate our bdays together, (well, at least he can never say "he forgot my bday) haha...

He asked me to marry him within 3 months, and we were married within a year... everything went so quick, we were/are so in love, we been married for 15 years this July 1, but together a year before that, so known him 16 years :)

I love all these stories about meeting our caretakers, and caretakers meeting their spouses, what a great subject, it put a smile on my face today :)


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I saw him at church, I was seeing someone else, but we were not at all compatible. I started dating Dan and new he was a very good guy. I had a roommate almost move in on "my territory" and that sealed the deal! Our 30 year anniversary is August 16th. He still makes my eyes sparkle when ever I see him!

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I first saw my wife in a mannequin shop and she came to life it front of my very eyes. Oh wait!, maybe that was a movie saw in the the late eighties or early 90's That decade was one big blur that all ran together. THe real truth is I first saw my wife when I was about 3 years old she was my imaginary friend that grew up to be my imaginary wife. Due to circumstances beyond our control we never had imaginary children. My poor imaginary wife wanted them so badly. I think she still blames me for it. We've had our ups and downs but the sex has been phenomenal.

Your weird friend and ally,

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I first saw my wife in a mannequin shop and she came to life it front of my very eyes. Oh wait!, maybe that was a movie saw in the the late eighties or early 90's That decade was one big blur that all ran together. THe real truth is I first saw my wife when I was about 3 years old she was my imaginary friend that grew up to be my imaginary wife. Due to circumstances beyond our control we never had imaginary children. My poor imaginary wife wanted them so badly. I think she still blames me for it. We've had our ups and downs but the sex has been phenomenal.

Your weird friend and ally,

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Ignore one of those previously redundant messaages......Repeat..........ignore the redundant message........repeat.......ignore the redundant message.....repeat......ignore the redundant message.......

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when he was dating my sister. I was married at the time and had jsut come home from out of state with my newborn son. Well the marriage failed a year later, my sister and him never were serious, so when I moved back home, we were "fixed" up by a mutual friend and have been together ever since. He adopted my son when he was 4 (ex gave up his rights)and we have been together for 24 years ( celebrating 23 years of marriage this coming October)

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I was married to my first problem, he was married to his first problem. We were all living off base, Scott AFB in Illinois. We all hung out together, had many BBQ's. Both had spouses that were not nice people. The first night we really talked, he was playing in the band that the guys had put together. His wife wasn't there, my husband had left, asking Nick to take me home. dumb move. smart move - depends on how you look at it! As many people in the service, we ended up moving in different directions, but I carried his picture for years. I found him on Classmates in 2005, he sent pizza to my office (remember he is here in MN and I was in FLA). Then he sent a plane ticket. had to put off the flight due to hurricane Wilma, gotta say it was the most expensive one way ticket ever purchased! I've been causing him H E double toothpicks ever since!

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This is so cool. Great Posts you guys. Keep them going.

Life is funny sometimes

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This is a great question – I have been thinking about this a lot to be honest.
I was 20 and had just returned home from a year of college in San Diego-was not prepared for academics whatsoever and fell on my face. I got a job in a hospital working as an aide. She was sitting in a chair at the station and my first question was what her nationality was – (Filipino) she thought it was a strange question. I thought she would never talk to me again. I remember I walked into the men’s lounge and banged my head against the wall wondering how I could have been such a “Dufus.” We worked together for a few months and she finally had to ask me out because I was just too shy. One day she came to work on a day off and her hair was down to her knees, black like ebony and she was wearing a long dress – I couldn’t believe this woman wanted to ask me out! Our first date was seeing the movie “Jaws.” We were married in 1978 – 32 years this August!

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is where I met my husband we were in the same room playing slots and all the other women just swarmed him when he came in asking all kinds of questions and I was the only one who didn't care. I was single by choice and raising my daughter about to graduate high school.He talked to me 1st. and ask why I didn't ask any questions and I said well most of the men I saw in my line of work were in hand cuffs so already knew the ? and the answer and neither was any of business. so he ask for my e mail and I gave it to him and we talked like that for a day or 2 and he ask me for my ph number and I gave him the wrong one thinking that would be the end of that but he e mailed me saying I had given him the wrong number and offered me his, so I gave him the number and we spent hours on the ph. he lived in Atlanta Ga and I in Oklahoma so after a couple weeks on the ph and web cam online he said he was comming to ok and he drove 14 hrs to get here and the last 20 miles he got lost had him pull in and wait and I drove to get him. His favorite thing to say to me was dito and I had georgia on my mind (ray charles) on the cd playing in my car when I pulled into the parking lot he was standing outside his pick up with a napkin reading DITO on it and I had the music cranked and when I got out of my car and walked up to him said hello my little darling. I knew than it was love at 1st site. This was June 5,2004 we were engaged July 25th 2004 married Nov 6th 2004 we live in Oklahoma
and happy as larks feels like I have known him all my life.

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I was 15, he was 16 it was Sunday, March 2and we were at a mutual friends get together. He asked me to dance and that was it. Together 35 years in March, married 30 years this May. Renewed our vows with our children as our attendance when we celebrated our 25th, went on our first honeymoon at that time. Life is GOOD, we have each other and our family. Margaret

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Growing up my husband lived in my neighborhood, and we always knew each other as it is a small town. Once we were both out of college and not in relationships with anyone else we started dating...Finally! I waited for what seemed like forever for him to ask me out. What a great husband and a model father!I could not ask for anyone more perfect for me! We make our friends sick with "mushy lovey dovey talk" After having our daughter, I felt like I was on cloud nine. When she was eight months old, Chris was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I'm terrified and try to remind myself each day to NOT worry and just appreciate everyday. I want my little girl to have her father for a long time.
This summer My husband and I are going to Vegas for our 3 year anniversary. We were married there and had a blast. We are also taking our daughter, Cecilia to Lover's Key near Fort Myers, FL in August. That is where Chris proposed to me. It is a beautiful state park along the gulf.

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We met on a blind date. It did not go well. In fact, I kinda just wanted to get rid of him before the date was over. He then stood me up on our second date about two days later to make up for the bad first date. Well, when you stand someone up, it doesn't make up for it, ya know? The third date, (yes, I was giving him extra chances because I was single, paid for dinner and movie) was much better. I don't remember if he showed up on time or not, but it was a nice dinner. We married three weeks from the first date. We're still married (25 years)and very happily I might add. We're still newlyweds. :o)

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Met George July 30,1965 at about 7:30 p.m., just a bunch of kids hanging out. Started dating in high school and after George finished college got married, June 19, 1970, so this June 19th will be our 40th anniversary. I remember my dad saying when I was 17 that one day that girl is going to marry that boy and yep, he was right.

I come from a huge Polish Catholic family and George is Orthodox from northern Greece so I remember our wedding like it was yesterday, hugh by today's standards, about 525 people.


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