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Avastin Headaches. How long do they linger?

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I am wondering if anyone has had these headaches from Avastin.

My last treatment was Feb 9th, but I am STILL having terrible daily, lingering headaches.

My oncology nurse actually suggested that I "go to an eye doctor, and have my eyes checked". LOL It isnt' that; because I still had the dripping nose & congestion, and once in a while some blood from my nose. (and my doctor's PAC called me shortly after that, and said "it isn't your eyes").

I realize that this is "new" in ovarian, but if anyone has experienced this, can you share you experience? and what did you do to help the headaches? I've tried motrin, sudafed, and even vicodin.

Thank you!
~Susan xoxo

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I know exactly what your going through. I've been on Avastin since March and I'm still getting the headaches. My blood pressure was very high (which normally is not). My oncologist told me to see my primary care doctor, which I did. I'm now on blood pressure medicine and my headaches are not as severe and tylenol helps.

Just keep thinking positive - that Avastin is going to help us.

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Hello Susan,

After my cancer recurred a second time, I began a research study treatment of Doxil, carbo and Avastin (very agressive).

The avastin brought about terrible headaches, particularly behind my eyes?

After completing the regimen, I would say about 6-months after I noticed the symptoms were almost nil .


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Dear Susan,

Sorry to hear you are dealing with the headaches, I had them so bad sometimes they sent me to ER for extra Iv pain meds and then I asked my doc for imitrex (I had taken this for migraines). Although these headaches weren't migraines the intensity of them were just as painful withouth the light stuff going on, anyway the imitrex was the only thing that kept them from getting quite as bad and I managed to finish the 6 months of treatment and it did kill off tumors that were on my adrenal gland and spleen and one in my abdomen, they have never grown back again.

Hugs ♥ Prayer Bonnie

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Hate to think these headaches will be around for 6 months,Sharon, but if that's the case, I guess I'll live with them! Better than some other things I can think of~
Thank you for having an answer, as my doctor's office nor the researchers at the cancer center didn't have an answer for me.

And yes, Nancy, I do believe that Avastin is saving lives; including ours! I hope it keeps me in remission for a while this time around~

Bonnie, I totally understand about you having to go to the emergency room for pain meds. The vicodin doesn't make a dent in my headaches at times. Today I woke up with the 'usual' headache, and I tried Benadryl. I think it helped the congestion & pressure, as my headache is gone now~
Sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't. But I still love Avastin, and I think it is promising for all of our Teal Warrior Sisters.

Thank you for your input on this topic!! Greatly appreciated!

~Susan xoxo

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Hi Susan,

I drank so much water I could have floated. I think that helped my headaches. I had at least 10 glasses of water a day. I also had to get a second blood-pressure medication because it made my blood pressure so high.


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