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mets to the brain

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I was dx 1 yr ago with lung cancer I had chemo radiation and surgery and no lymph node activitie now mets to the brain. I am scared any one give me hope

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Bad news, my friend, there is no glossing over that, so I will not.

Still, there is always hope, nana. Stayingcalm, for one, if I am not mistaken, has had mets to the brain and is doing well as far as I know, seemingly excited about some of the newer chemotherapies and even more excited about blossoming technologies whose flowers are hope. I share that with her, the notion that these new therapies seem to target cancer much more specifically, while some on the close horizon offer even greater hope.

I cannot speak for her, of course, but she does come to mind.

There are others who do not come immediately to mind (well, there is cobra, now that I think about it, who has been hanging in there as well).

As long as they are treating, nana, as long as you are up for treatment, there is hope.

I wish you the very best with this new and certainly frightening diagnosis.

Take care,


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Thanks Joe, nana dont give up hope. As Joe has said there are new and exciting treatment and technology on the horizon. But as Joe also said the hand your dealt wont be easy, but your not alone. There are a lot of us here to help give our support and whatever else to make your journey alittle easier.
Our Prayers and Best Wishes to You,Your Family, and Everyone,
Dan(cobra1122) and Margi Harmon

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Hope, as Joe says, has to seem elusive right now but so important - it is difficult to reply to your post because this is such a big fear for all of us with lung cancer -
My hope is that you do well with treatment and that you will please keep us all posted on your progress
Thinking of you and sending warm wishes - connie.

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Iam thinking of you and sending courage, strength and faith to you.

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Hi, nanaof7,

I've been in treatment since 2005, and over a year ago we discovered brain mets. I had a major tumor surgically removed (up and around and went home 2 days later, back to work the next week). We followed up with whole brain radiation and I began taking Tarceva - last month I was told I'm in remission. I'll be having a brain MRI in a couple of weeks, a whole body PET scan next week, and we'll see where I stand :) We get frightened when we hear that something in wrong in our brains; it feels like a blow to our selfhood and intellect, but the brain is really just another organ that can be treated the same way our lungs can be treated. I'm still here, with all my faculties (I think!), still working full time in the library. The WBR did some damage to my short term memory, but it seems to be slowly coming back. I wish you the very best, nanaof7!


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Just to let you know that you are not alone. I am still in my first year of sclc. Two weeks ago they found that it mets to the brain and I am two days into a fourteen day treatment of radiation. I am on a wait and see what happens. Unfortunately I think we all have that hind sight of I should have done this and tried that. That is what I like about this site. You can read about others that might give us that hind sight thru someone else's experiences. Keep in touch. This is how we learn our dos and don'ts.
God bless, Joy

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