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Where to find journals here about stem cell transplants

natalie14 Member Posts: 36
As my time for an auto stem cell transplant approaches...I find the need to talk with others who are/have experienced this before. I read on here that there journals for all to read about people who have gone through this process. Any advice/stories/anything would be helpful! Even some not-so-bad news about one who's gone thorough it would be amazing as I cannot find any. Thankyou and blessings to everyone! Natalie


  • yesyes2
    yesyes2 Member Posts: 591
    Stem Cell Transplant Stories
    Hi Natalie,

    Have you discovered the LLS discussion board yet? It's a really good and active board with lots of information and stories. There is a separate section just for BMT & SCT with lots of activity. Check it out.

    Blessings to you,