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daughter having colonoscopy

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Hi Everyone,
My 29 year old daughter is having a colonoscopy this morning. She was admitted to the hospital Tuesday evening with severe anemia and has been receiving blood transfusions. I'd appreciate any good vibes that could be sent our way.
Thank You,

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Good vibes , and prayers on the way for you and your daughter.

Please keep us posted.



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Sending good vibes to you + your daughter.

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I know you are worried, I would be sick! I pray they find out soon what is causing her trouble and that it does not begin with c.

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She's so young, you both will be in my thoughts and prayers, and hope everything turns out well!


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Hi Jamie

Wow, she's so young! Keeping our fingers crossed (X) that you find out what exactly is going on - and then a gamplan to fix it.

Good everything already enroute to you and your daughter.

We anxiously await the findings!


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Hi Everyone,
We still don't have any real answers as to why my daughter was so anemic. One small polyp was found in her rectum. The doctor doesn't believe it caused any bleeding. He released her from the hospital because her blood counts are up and she is feeling much better. She will have an outpatient test next week to look at the small intestine.

Thank You all for your good vibes!


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Hi Jamie,

Thank goodness it's good news! My best wishes go out to you and your daughter.
God bless. - Cynthia

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Good News! Please keep us updated.

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you only needed good vibes from about six people for everything to get taken care of - sweet. I hope the upper GI checks out okay as well - just let us know - good vibes abound here!

As a matter of fact - bartender - good vibes all around!

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I'm glad the news so far is good. I'm sure you've been so worried!


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