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NED with grace of god

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Hello Everyone,

My mother went for her 2 months check up. she had ultrasound and pap smear and blood check.
Her ultrasound came negative and her pap smear came perfect normal.

They did cbc test.her Blood is 13.7 hemoglobin.

she gain weight also.

dcotor told her to come back after 3 months.

she is in NED..

just for new people.

My mother had graDE 1 ENDO ADENCO TYPE STAGE 3C.


Hope it will give you encourgement.

I know, i am only 28 yrs living in uk but i feel big family here on this forum.

My mother lives in india....

Hope you are well and you are in prayers..

Cheers Kumar

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Such wonderful news about your mom!!! What type of treatments?

I've got endometrial adenocarcinoma and carcinosarcoma - each in different areas (tumor and 1 lymph node) 3C. I completed treatments last July and am NED today. I now strive for eating better and exercising...thinking protecting the cells is my best option at this point in time. My only control to keep the cancer at bay!

I refuse to get into the statistics as:

I'm a statistic of ONE~~


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She has surgery and chemoo..............No Radadation .................what treatment you habe and you have not mention your grade also.

I am looking for someone has ovarain metasataics.................

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I am so glad about your Mom's good news!!!

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Kumar, Such good news about your Mother. I hope that you can take a deep breath now that you know she is doing well. I am sure it must be very difficult for both of you to be so far apart. Best wishes to both of you!


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Thanks for all support.

What is myometrail invasion anyway..

anybody can help me//


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Am I reading this right she has ovarian cancer? If so, there's a link at main part of site for OVARIAN CANCER. We're mainly uterine type cancer....that might help. If not, then I'm sorry not understanding your question.

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What is myometrail invasion anyway..?

That is the amount the cancer has invaded within the uterine muscle wall. The more the percent, the likely it can spread to the outside/lymph nodes.


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