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Crow71 surgery

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Hi folks. Roger had surgery yesterday. It took 12 hours, went well. No surprises.
Dr. Shen was able to remove all visible disease from liver, colon, and peritoneum- everything except one suspicious small 1-2mm spot in liver too close to vein. He said we will keep an eye on it and radiation and / or chemo might be an option. We will wait for pathology reports from all specimens.
More updates later

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Thanks for the report. I was just thinking about him and hoping all went well for him. I hope you are doing well also? I'm sure after 12 hours of waiting you are exhausted too.

Tell Roger that when he is able, to look out the window because there is a huge array of sparks surrounding him.


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Boy, that was a long day!

That all sounds so promising - so glad they got in got what they needed...hopefully this other spots can be dealt with if need be. Keep in mind that CyberKnife might be a good option here instead of traditional radiation. Less invasive and more pinpoint accuracy - higher doses but only 3-5 treatments.

Give Roger my best - he's a tough guy and you must be so proud. He really jumped through all the hoops - here's to recovery and health.

Thank you for your update!

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for the update. You must be releived that that surgery is behaind you! 12 hours is a long time to be in the waiting room, I expect. No surprises is good. I am glad the surgery went well! I was thinking about both of you yesterday. Take good care!

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I am so glad to hear he's come through the surgery and is in recovery mode now. Sounds like they were able to get most of the beast and that small liver nodule will be easy to manage at a later date. The nurses at Baptist will take good care of him I know! Let us know more when you know it! Tell him we are all thinking of him!

Fight for my love
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it's good to hear that.nothing could be better than a successful surgery.

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Hey Kim!! SO good to see you, and hear the news, we been thinking alot about your family, and I'm glad to hear he pulled through well! 12 hours sure is a long time to be in surgery, but I'd rather it be long like that, instead of them rushing through it and missing something! I'm sure you have an awesome, caring team. We'll be sending our positive thoughts and prayers for him, and look forward to hearing from him when he's well :)


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I am very happy for you all! thanks for the update and may you and yours enjoy this wonderful gift of success!

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Kerry S
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Very pleased to hear Roger is doing well. Please tell him I cut my last load of firewood for next winter 3 weeks back. I expect him to be around when I burn it next year, right along with myself. We can send a lot of sparks right up the chimney.

His battle really touches me as he is the same age as my youngest son.

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Paula G.
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Sounds like good news. Glad to hear it. Paula

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Thanks for the great news about Roger. I wish I could have had his rock done for him but as you know i just had surgery last friday too. I hope to have it done soon.

lov ya

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that is great news. Please keep us posted

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Wow. That was a very long surgery! I'm glad things went well and will be praying for a good recovery for him.


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Thanks for keeping us posted. I am so glad that it went well. I hope the recovery goes well too.


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So glad to hear Rog is doing good! Please tell him I am thinking bout him and sending prayers to ya'll...........


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I am so glad that his surgery went well. This is great news and I have been praying for Roger! I continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

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