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FYI. I just found out about this. Disregard or pass it along if you have read it.
Please let me know if the link works.

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From the article I found this to be pretty close to my experience:

Here are some random thoughts men typically have after their diagnosis:
• I am afraid of death.
• Why me?
• I can’t believe this is really happening.
• Will I ever have sex again?
• Will my wife leave me if I can’t get an
• I’m so angry I don’t know what to do.
• I feel alone. It’s a nightmare.
• I think about cancer all the time.
• I can’t articulate what I want to say about how I’m feeling right now.
• Will my life ever be “normal”?
• I’m so upset that my family has to go through this.

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The article where I found this primer included another link about the 2010 Johns Hopkins White Paper on Prostate Cancer. Unfortunately you have to purchase the paper. I apologize for that confusion.

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Johns Hopkins I am sure is a great teaching hospital but they try and sell you articles by pushing “primers” out all of the time. I personally think their marketing is bad medicine so shame on them…University of San Francisco has lots of free and good information….

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Well said on Johns Hopkins........they are way too commercial.


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I bet it's not the Dr's pushing that "pay for information" strategy but a geeky marketing MBA'er selling the $$ plot to the board of directors of the hostpital who's paying his 6 figure salary. Sorry if I have offended any marketing types out there...I come from a sales and marketing background and that's where my perspective is coming from.

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I would agree that it is some marketing puke with a six figure salary (and I made my fortune from sales but not playing on what these guys are playing on the emotions of life and death…some pretty morally confused folks out there in marketing)… but from what I have read, discussed, and concluded based on my observations and perspective John Hopkins seems to accept candidates that will play best to their “stat’s”…so if you got the right numbers they are great place to go but then again based on their criteria lots of other surgeons, clinics and hospitals are also great places to go.

Funny that my surgeon is a couple % less in his stat’s than John Hopkins but he accepts more advance and complex cases than John Hopkins…Humm could there be a reason for this? …Oh I also heard this from several urologists I have spoken with during my journey…sad but this could be true

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I'm sure the business development/marketing department would only say that they are selling the papers to cover website costs, overhead, and so forth. But we know that Johns Hopkins is a wealthy institution, despite its excellence in research and practice. The most egregious part of this "paper for money" deal (and Johns Hopkins isn't the only one that does this) is that most of the grants that generated the study that produced the paper were either fully or partially funded by federal grants (or drug companies).

Like many of you, I deeply resent that my cancer is seen by some as a money making proposition. On the other hand, without making a profit and returning value to investors, many of the advances and new techniques that we can now take advantage of wouldn't exist.

I wish there were a better system, but we're not likely to see it anytime soon.