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2 questions

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1. In your collective experience, which is easier to tolerate-- FOLFOX or FOLFIRI?

2. Does FOLFIRI with Avastin give you a weird rash oon your hands? The tops of my hands hurt when I wash or germ-x them, and they are red. They are also really dry. It's just weird.



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I was only on folfox for 5 weeks + the main issue for me with that was it didn't work for me; however I was getting some neuropathy. I have been on folfiri + avastin since Sept/09 (13 treatments so far) + have hair loss (now growing back) + fatigue as my two main issues. Everyone is different. I don't get the hand rash, but find my face goes kind of red, sometimes a day after treatment, then it goes away. I do think overall my skin is drier though.

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I had folfox for 13 treatments and handeled the side affects very well. I do have some neuropathy but it is getting better. Unfortunatly it stopped working and will be starting new chemo April 21. It consists of iriontecan and vectibix (if k-ras negative). My skin is very dry and sometimes i have a reddish caste after treatment but it quickly goes away. Hope this helps a little. Good luck and blessings to you. Deb

C Dixon
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I did 12 rounds of Folfox and handled it very well. I did have lingering neuropathy but it has completely gone now. The extreme fatigue I experienced the third day after treatment was unlike anything I have ever experienced. However, when I awoke on the fourth day, I was clearly out of the fog. I hated the hair loss because I felt like I looked like a cancer patient. I did have diarhea and cramps but was able to manage them with meds.

I just finished my 12th round of Folfiri and it has been much easier for me. I do not get that extreme fatigue or neuropathy. I do have hair thinning, which I hate but still have enough that I don't have to wear a wig. I also don't have the bowel problems with this regimen.

5FU could be the problem with your hands. Are you on the pump?


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We are all different but I can tell you my experience. I did the 12 FOLFOX treatments and I think the side effects were worse than on FOLFIRI. I got the neuropathey (still have it after 6 months) and hated the sensitivity to cold and the overwhelming fatigue. I have had 4 treatments on FOLFIRI and so far it is much easier. I get the flush face on day 2 and that is due to the Decadron that they give me. I am a little nauseous on day 2-4 but tolerable with meds, and I still work while on the chemo. I hate the hair thinning and the effects on my mouth. Food taste awfull and very sensitive to hot foods. I still feel that it is much easier than the FOLFOX. Hair thinning is due to the 5FU so that is the same with either regimen.


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