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Has anyone here hired a personal nutritionist to help themselves or a loved one fight cancer? WE have hired one for my sister and while she has only been on this diet specific regimen for about a month her energy and overall look has really perked up. IF anyone is interested on some of the specific ideas / meal plans / what to avoid/ etc... Please let me know and i will shoot along some tips.

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Sally, I would be very interested in hearing some of the tips. I did consult with a private Nutritionist and just off the top of my head: she recomended that I use
1. Only organic for certain "high risk" vegetables and fruits,
2.if eating any meat, buy only organic
3. Eat lots of antioxidants...berries, etc.
4. Have my Vit D levels tested and aim for the 50 range...higher than currently the "accepted" low range.

She didn't get into a lot of things I have read about (and that Claudia has suggested...i.e. tumeric with pepper, garlic, etc.)And overall, she didn't tell me much more than I already knew.

I look forward to hearing what you were told.

Hoping you see your Mom's strength and energy increase consistently!!


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i'd really be interested in hearing some tips on nutrition, specifically to fight cancer. so, if you wouldn't mind, send them on. alot of us would really appreciate it.

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I have emailed our guy and see if he can outline a few things for those who are interested.

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It's funny this posting would hit this week, as I met with a nutritionist for the first time this past week. Very informative!! I've got a fairly extensive background in general health tactics -- no junk, eat plant-based foods and exercie daily -- but now that I've had to deal with cancer, thought more precise ideas would be beneficial.

I’ll list a few of the pointers below—

.Eat lots of fruits & veggies
.Sugar – NO-NO – increases insulin levels which aren’t good for protecting our cells.
.Watch the soy powder. Not safe with any hormone cancer, including prostate. I take protein powder, it's Whey...which is fine.
.Tofu – watch it as soy too
.Recommend plant based diet
.Red meat – definitely not with colon cancer....if must eat limit (very minimal)and look for Certified Organic or try vegies type burgers
.Fish – GREAT!! Wild caught is best vs. small lakes. Salmon in can is okay
.Grilling – NO! unless the meat is marinade vs. grill. Burgers are out I’m guessing. Not biggie as don’t really like or eat red meat, unless nothing else to eat
.Chicken – is considered meat so eat approx 3-4 oz at a time (4 oz size is ½ of chicken breast). Best if organic – label should read “certified organic”
.Flaxseed powder – take 2T or so per day. I mixed in my protein drink with OJ and didn’t taste it at all.
.Yogurt – best is Greek – called Oiknus” (think that’s what she spelled to me???) -- no sugar of course
.Stevia or Truvia are both great subs for sugar – Truvia can cause some gas issues...don’t need that with my pelvic radiation after affects
.Green Tea – Japanese has the best benefits
.Avoid the top foods – fruits and veggies with the most pesticides (apples, grapes, peaches, etc). Instead go with organic

After I told her how I eat, vitamins I take, etc, she suggested a few things for me:

.Ice cream (my downfall as eat 1-1/2 C. each nite with fresh berries and small amount granola (I make). She suggests 1 Cup and best is go with Greek yogurt. Too much sugar for me is what she’s mentioning...boohoo!
.Watch intake of meats – only thing I have is the chicken and heck I’ve cut out red meat and only eat chicken and fish, so what’s left???
.Continue to exercise

The biggest eye-opener for me was the soy no-no with any hormone-type cancer....yikes! I used to be on a line of nutrients (8 yrs) called Reliv, which is loaded with powder soy. Wondering now if that pushed me over to the side of uterine cancer??? Water under the bridge, but can't help but to wonder "what if....".

I'd love to hear what others have found....we now get thru the treatments and want to be in remission, so watch our foods and exercie!!!

Best to all...

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My bowels got really messed up a couple of weeks after I took that trip to Greece & Turkey (trip may or may not have been related.) So my gyne-onc referred me to a nutritionist. Until I got my bowels more normalized, she had me on the low-residue BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) diet, and then I was instructed to slowly add fiber back into my diet. While i was on the BRAT diet, she wanted me to have Carnation Instant Breakfast twice a day. & that really worked, my bowel inflammation really got better and I'm good now. I saw this same nutritionist at the start of my cancer journey. She said then that I should eat at least a tablespoon of yogurt daily and I stayed on a diet heavy on whole grains and fresh raw organic veggies and fruits. The nutritionist said to avoid red meat and have a serving of fish or chicken no more often than once a week. (I eat very little meat/fish/chicken but I do eat more than she recommends.) She did warn about the soy products, but she never told me to stay away from dairy or sugar, and specifically said that I could have a couple of cups of coffee each morning if I wanted to (even on the BRAT diet she allowed coffee, so she must also be addicted to caffeine like I am!!!) My chemo oncologist's only comment regarding diet, while I was getting chemo, was "Eat whatever looks good to you! If cake is the only thing that looks good to you, eat cake all day!" Obviously he doesn't equate good nutrition with controlling cancer! But I do.

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Hi Linda,

You're always loaded with good insight and seem to have a good grasp on your cancer.

One of the first things I read when first diagnosed -- NO SUGAR!!! I've gone the route of Stevia for tea and drizzle on fruits...just enough to make it taste more sweet. I do have the occasional piece of cake and was really crazy with the ice cream. I just stopped it after the nutrionist suggest decreasing...well heck I can't do that, so just stop entirely.

Coffee is rough as it's an acid and not good at all. I will agree about oncologist ideas of nutrition. Mine when asked by me of what to eat, etc, he just told me to eat plant type foods. On top of that when questioned supplements, he claims to not have much input since not research out there as we'll find with chemo/radiation treatments. Meaning, no true statistics. While in treatments I was in "moderation" with supplements and after that, did it all.

Also gone to a seminar by a nutionist who had some of the same similar views as the appt this past week. The other one was very specific -- for instance -- use Olive Oil, except when heating as changes the texture and more like Vegetable Oil (not good). Go to something like Coconut Oil. Pizza is the worst food! Avoid acid type foods such as lots of coffee.

Now if I followed each one after each appt, I'd always be changing. My motto....listen to each one, and use my own intuition.

Interesting isn't it?

Take care,

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mean no dairy. In The China Study he showed us how to start and stop cancer with animal protein. Exactly with casein (in milk). Less than 5% is OK.
And if you eat 12-15 servings of fruit and veggies a day, there is no room for anything else.

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wow you gals are on the ball... looks like most of what i was going to post has already been said. :)

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Few extra food tips

Natural tea at least an hour prior to bed

A daily serving of any of the following:

wild rice
brown rice
whole wheat
whole oats

High Foliate-Rich foods : Ex Oranges, spinach

Ruciferous vegetables - turnip greens, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts

Sprinkle a little Curcumin on some stir fried veggies with a side of grilled chicken, cod, shrimp, or Chinook salmon

Ginger is great for nausea and upset stomach and also great for cancer of the ovaries.

Avoid a lot of fatty and processed foods.

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I was told none of these, or very little, due to extra hormones & antibiotics given to animals. Animals have their own natural hormones and then many farmers add more to get them to grow and produce more output....meaning more income for them. Go towards the caged chickens and organic meats which are given grass vs. hormones or antibiotics.

I try to think "natural" and "plant-based" foods and meats.

Not only do we have to get thru our treatments with stress overload, then have to think about what we're putting in our mouths....crazy!!

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