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Breast Cancer Survivor of a year and half now worried

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I have a few questions about Lymphoma. I think I may be paranoid. I'm not sure, now everything looks like it maybe cancer. I was dx on april 1st 2008 with stage 1 and grade 1 breast cancer at 34 years old. Finished radiation and chemo Nov of 08. All treatments went well. About 5 months ago I started to have serious back pain right across the middle (banding). To where some time I thought my back was caving in and couldn't breath. Almost went to the hospital (afraid of bill). Doctor sent me for a chest xray and mri. Nothing came of it. Prescribed some pain meds and that was it. Since then its been off and on I quit complaining and just try to ignore it when it does hurt. About a week ago I noticed a small bb size painless knot on the side of my neck about two inchs from my collar bone not sure if this is a lymph node. Then a few days later I notice that three or four lymph nodes are swollen on the right side bigger than the left. I have been tired lately and my joints have been hurting to, where I think "man am I getting old or what". Not sure if I should just wait a couple of weeks to see if the swelling goes down or not. If anyone has some advise I would be thankful.

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Hi Cathy,

As a two time breast cancer survivor and also a two time NHL survivor I can completely understand your concerns and fears. If it were me I wouldn't wait to call my oncologist and set up an appointment. You may very well have an infection and need some antibiotics and you might also need some additional tests. One of the first things my onc has always done is feel for swollen nodes in the neck, collar bone area and under arms. Just because you have had BC is reason enough to be checked out when you fine a swollen node in these areas.

Good luck and please post and let me know what you decide. Just remember it is most likely nothing to be too concerned about. But having had a cancer diagnosis adds additional concerns. Please let us know how you are.

Blessings to you,

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My mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor and I am currently a young mother going through treatment for a relapse with lymphoma. I have learned one can never be "too cautious"....especially given what we have already been through. With this recent relapse diagnosis, my well-respected oncologist said I had nothing to worry about (small node under right arm/breast area)..but I INSISTED on a biopsy...even when my routine CT scan and bloodwork CLEARED!! Now I am going through strong chemo and then a stem cell transplant...but, it may be listening closely to my inner feelings and body that may help this treatment cure me.
Oncologists are used to and actually expect their patients to be active in their treatment and road to good health....it starts with us. It probably won't be anything, but for your own peace of mind, have it thoroughly looked at. Please keep us posted. Blessings to you, Natalie

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I went to the regular family doctor today (called into work), He said I have a rageing ear infection. But I still need to go to my oncologist and have all of the scans. Hopefully thats all it is. I hate that I feel everything is cancer. I scheduled my 2nd mammogram today since I had the all clear. I think maybe I have been going through a little bit of deppression. Maybe that is why I feel so rough all the time and basically have been avoiding my oncologist. If this knot on the side of my neck doesn't go away with medication I will insist on a biopsy. Thanks you two for answering so fast. It is good these boards are here. Nobody in my family or my husbands has had cancer. Thank You again I will keep you all updated.

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