"Here's my story, its sad but true; About a girl who I once........"

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wait a minute, wait a minute, that sounds familiar.Yeah, Dion sang that years ago. Let me rephrase that:

Here's my story, I was scared its true,
About a tumor I once grew;
It hurt so much, it made me cry;
It grew so large, I thought I'd die........

So I went to my lung doctor who refered me to a gastroenterologist in whose office on

May 4, 2009 at age 58+ I had my first colonoscopy. When I awoke I knew "we;re not in Kansas anymore" as my "hemmorhoid" pain was still there. On

May 12 I was given the one-two knockout punch that had my head spinning for the next two months:a)I had cancer, T3,N1
b) when all was said and done, tho I should survive,I was gonna lose my **** due to location of tumor

May 13 met surgeon for first time and immediately felt this man knew what he was doing

May 18 met both women who I eventually felt comfortable with to take my pants down for-my oncologist and radiologist

June 6 began 5 infusions of oxi; 28 days of radiation; 29 days of Xeloda (off Sat/Sun-like the cancer has a calendar, right)

July 16 was last day of radiation and Xeloda

Sept 2 out for 6 1/2 hour colostomy; unlike rad and chemo, which takes place over a period of time, surgery ia an all-at-once deal...you either mke it or you don't. After 8 days in hospital due to problems finally went home as a bagman, a colostomate for life

Oct 2 I found this website which made a world of a difference to me as there were others who had gone thru what I was going thru and they (you) were willing to share experiences and knowledge, which made recovery so much more bearable..

Nov 11 began post op chemo of nine doses, once every two weeks of FOLFOX with pump but due to severe reaction after 4th dose, 12/25-27 to be exact, )the worst time ever during this ordeal for me)there was a delay of next dose and elimination of oxy from mixture.....

The reason this is so lengthy is because one hour ago I dropped off the pump for hopefully my final time!!!!!Still have defective port and my second picc to be removed, so still need to flush picc. See onc end of April,radiologist in June and I'll talk to surgeon soon (to check his handiwork-stoma and sewn up rear)

To all of you who are about to start this battle NEVER, EVER GIVE UP, never, ever remain depressed, immobilized for too long...Get off your ****, try to get out of bed, it does get better. No matter how radiation and/or chemo get to you, your doctors can always help if you keep them informed; no matter how heavy your surgery, if you trust your surgeon,let him or her do their job, no matter how much post op treatment you do, it takes time but it does get better. The pain lessens over time, maybe not quickly enough but it does lessen and eventually you find you can do most of what you did before........

Again, thank you all who made my rollercoaster ride that much less scary

It feels great to be alive, yet somber in acknowledgement of those not doing so well.....steve


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    great post!
    Steve, thank you for your thoughts! You are so right, no matter how tough, it DOES get better, as does everything, if allowed time and space. Of course, "get better" isn't always what we envision, but it is better! Take care and continue on!
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    Thanks for this


    Thanks for this uplifting, positive post. I am glad you are doing so well, + your words will help others through the tough days. Good Job!
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    Thank you
    Thank you for the post.You are so right,it does get better.I was even severly depressed,which is a bad thing,I got medication ,and now am doing better.The stitches in my rear tore open,and it seemed like it would never end,but it did.Now I,m better,and I can do what I did before,thanks to the people on this site.NEVER EVER GIVE UP is the truth.
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    Thanks Steve
    This is a very timely and uplifting post.