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Dyeing hair

porkchopqueen's picture
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Joined: Feb 2010

I am on chemotherapy and need to get my hair dyed. Is a bleach that lightens my hair. Has anyone had bad effects from dyeing their hair?

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You know, they say don't do it, but I know quite a few who said PSSSHTTTT and did it anyway! I dyed mine, but it wasn't a bleach. Perhaps if you get a professional to do it, with chemicals that are nice to the hair, it will go well! We SOOO need the boost hair coloring can give us when we are going through the crap that is chemo!

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Joined: Mar 2010

My dr said it was okay - but not to do it on chemo weeks. Yes, it helps to do anything to feel better about yourself.

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I've been dyeing my hair since I was diagnosed last April. I go every 5 weeks, in fact went today. I have even gone with my 5FU running, no problems. My hair has gotten really thin due to the chemo, but my hairdresser is doing a great job.

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I have dyed my hair twice so far through my 9 treatments. This is chemo week, so will do it again next week. I want to be as normal as possible, so this helps me feel good, and not like I am sick.

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I've no problems with it. My hairdresser is a genius!!! I go on my off chemo week, though.

porkchopqueen's picture
Posts: 37
Joined: Feb 2010

Thanks for all the replies....you are all so right. We need anything that makes us feel better during this journey. I decided to call a friend who is a hairdresser too, she said it should be okay. Just do it!

Posts: 211
Joined: May 2009

I have been coloring my hair since I was DX in March of 2009. I get it done every 5 weeks. I have had no problems at all. My hair got very thin when I was on Folfox and I still colored it. I also found a great product called Xfusion (Keratin Hair Fibers). I really made a huge difference when my hair got thinner. You shake the product on your scalp when your hair is dry and it makes it look a lot thicker. I am not on Folfox now , just Xeloda and hair has returned to normal thickness. I feel a lot better when I color my hair !

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Dyed it all through chemo - it was one of those little things that kept me happy. Although I actually went to a more expensive place and had them do it - and oh my the difference between a home box and a pro! nothin like the hot oil head message!

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Hi, I also dyed my hair the whole time I was on chemo. I use 30 volume peroxide and very light blonde by Wella. Other than the usual thinning, which really wasn't a problem, it was fine. Good luck.

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