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home from hospital

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I got home on Sunday after surgery on Tuesday. Just wanted to let everyone know. I havent had computer out til now. trying to catch up. Surgery went very well. hey believe I am the first person ever to have liver mets killed by beads. Docs were very excited, they said "this was a very gratifying surgery". I did (and am) having some pain issues still, but they arfe working on that>


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This is so great to hear! Congratulations on such incredible success! I hope the pain soon subsides for you.

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Christy, that is wonderful! Sorry about the pain but it sounds like the surgery was a huge success! My husband David had a liver reserction three weeks ago tomorrow and is doing great.

It is so uplifting to learn all the great things doctors are doing to help beat this nasty disease. My very best to you!

Priscilla in San Antonio

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Hi Christy,

So glad it went well and you are home again!! Take care of yourself!!


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welcome home. Your good news brought a smile to my face. I hope you find satisfactory pain management.

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Christy- So glad to hear the good news. When a doctor is excited, that is BIG. I'm not sure of your history, but I take it instead of liver resection, you had theraspheres?

May your healing be quick and not too painful!!!


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I may also be having radio spheres, the doctor said it wasn't for curative purposes, amd may not make me operable, but how was it? did it hurt much, and was it that, that led to a resection? I don't even think I want a resection, I'd be scared, but glad you are feeling better, and hope you continue to get stronger everyday!


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That's great news! Sorry about the pain but so happy it worked!

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Glad you are home, sure hope the pain goes away soon. Praying for a fast recovery for you...Take care


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That's good news to hear! I pray your pain is manageable and that every day brings you closer to complete healing! It is awesome that your doctors are excited!

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I did have the beads done and that is what made me resectable, so I have just hadd resection. Donna, the beads were not that bad of a procedure. You are kind of in a twilight sleep, not a awke fully but not asleep fully either. My resection was a week ago today, and I feel pretty good right now. They took out 55% of liver, and gall bladder, and ddid RFA on one other spot. I get my staples out on Friday. Any new news on Patti? I am very concerned about her.


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That's fabulous, Christy.


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Hi Christy

Sounds like things went as planned and you came out of it in great shape! You've set the bar high for future Spheres patients on this board - they can look to you as their model and inspiration!

Patti would be so proud of you! I've talked to her brother and it's slow progress right now, but she's up and fighting - we hope so much that things will turn around for her with her rehab.

Great job on your surgery and hope the recovery is swift. Were you the 1st person in your state or is this in the United States? Or the world?

How cool is that? You're a pioneer to be sure.


Fight for my love
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Good.Please have a speedy recovery.Get well soon.

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