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3 years???!!!

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I just posted a question about RFA to live mets...it said prolong life 3 years....thats depressing to me...im sick of these statistics.

C Dixon
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I didn't mean to discourage you. You can have RFA more than once and it does kill the tumor with a lot less trauma than surgery. It is only one tool of many to help your mom.

We always have to be careful reading those stats. I have gotten to where I don't really pay attention to them because they are not me and not your mom.

Also, what might they come up with for us in those three years?

I'm only 44 and have three children and want to see my grandchildren and that is more than 3 years away! So, I'm not paying any attention to that stat.

Take Care,


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Joined: Sep 2009

you didnt discourage me. u were very helpful:)

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No more reading stats. (1) they are depressing, (2) they are usually old (3) they can be inaccurate. I stopped reading them a long time ago, especially when I looked at the date they were published, most were several years old. Cancer is what it is. Why some do better than others no one knows. Why does chemo work for someone great and the next person progresses. Its a crap shoot. Look at it this way, 3 years is better than 0 years and who knows what will be out in 3 years.

Relax, breathe and take care - Tina

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