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anal hemorroids and fissures

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Had my first rectal exam since treatments and no tumor was felt! Yeah The anticipation for the 3 month check up is driving me crazy. I just want to know! I'm feeling a little depressed. Is this normal?
Did anyone experiences hemorroids or anal fissures after treatment? I'm seven weeks out of treatment and feel pretty good other than my hemorroids and fissure. I am eating fiber taking metamucil and using warm compresses. I was presrcibed a cream but it seems to burn the area. I think my tissues are so thin now. Just wondering if anyone went through this too.
Is this the new normal?

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What a combo - depression and hemorrhoids. I found out about my cancer because I thought I had hemorrhoids. I wish my colon/rectal surgeon would have fixed them when he removed my tumor. For some reason, he didn't want to - maybe he thought the cancer would spread if he cut on them. Now he tells me that I can never have surgery to fix them because the tissue won't heal properly because it has been radiated. So I guess I am stuck with them forever.

In my opinion, you wouldn't be normal if you weren't a little depresssed. I took antidepressants before my diagnosis and continue to take them now. I am still flabbergasted with the changes in my body. My body shape is different - jeans don't fit the same. I finished radiation October 2009. I started physical therapy yesterday for my hips/pelvis. I have limited range of motion and pain. I have to use a vaginal dialator so that won't close up on me. I am single and have not idea how that's going to work out if I start dating someone. My hair is finally coming in really thick again. Oh yeah, and I am afraid to pass gas because it's usually not just gas. I was in Target yesterday and thank goodness I had on a "long" panti liner. This whole thing is just more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

I have a friend who finished up treatment for ovarian cancer and she said that she feels real strange like she doesn't fit in anywhere anymore.


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I too have a fissure and it can be painful at times.My doctor would not remove it because it's too close to spincter muscle and he said it may cause other problems.The skin around my anus and vagina are very tender ,get irritated easily,and burn on occassion.Warm baths or compresses do help.I've tried creams,but they don't do much good.Yes...This is my new "normal".By the way...I am 20 months out from treatment.

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Good news on your dre! I'm always anxious of my follow ups. After your 1st one you will feel better, at least I did. I know I felt a little depressed after treatment. Our bodies have been through so much, that it will take a little while to get the energy level back up, and feel better physically and mentally. I completed treatment on 6-30 and had a biopsy and hemroidectomy on 9-1. There is a little section where my hemi was, that has not closed together. As long as its healthy skin I'm okay with that. I had the hemroidectomy done by a well respected professor of colo-rectal surgery. He removed the hemi when he did my biopsy. I believe I have fissures also, like you said the skin is so thin. I do not rub my skin, I pat it. I know that doesn't help with the inside. Since your 7 weeks out of treatment, it will be a while before your skin heals up. My skin still gets irritated at 9 months out. I know I had burning for months after treatment, and eventually the burning subsided. Sometimes it still burns a litte. I wish you well. Lori

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Thank you so very much for making me feel normal. My husband said this is the new normal and I wouldn't accept it. Hearing from all of you I feel much better. Looks like time, a good docor and patience will get me through. I was very athletic and energentic and now I have lost some of my energy. I am back at the gym and getting out more each day. I am just not satisfied with the fissure pain and burning. I thank you again!

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If you don't mind, what were your symptoms?

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