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Thank You to All!! (Surgery date in two weeks!!!!)

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Hello everyone,

Well I haven't been here in awhile, but I'm back now no new changes other than PSA dropped from 7.2 to 6.3 last month, not much difference but down is better than up I would say. April 30th is my judgement day...scared as all get out but SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA DO, WHATCHA GOTTA DO!!! :-) I got married over the weekend, and we've been trying to have a little one before surgery but to no avail just yet. So have a couple of more weeks to see if I can knock up the wifey. If not invitro may be our later option DREADFULLY. The wait has been exhausting mentally. I still wake up at night hoping I'm dreaming, but everytime I do wake up I realize I'm not. Oh well IT IS WHAT IT IS RIGHT?? Wish me well, I'll tell you all about it later.

P.S. - I'd like to thank everyone here also you, guys have made this journey alot more tolerable than I thought it could be. You all are like distant family to me thanks, really thank you, from day one you guys made me realize that I wasn't alone in the true sense. Please keep me in your thoughts....you will all be in mines.

Thanks again
Tony Jr.

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may your last two weeks on this side of PC go well for you.

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Best wishes. Have fun the next two weeks. We look forward to hearing a positive outcome post treatment.


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Best wishes on the surgery. Congrats on the wedding. Looking forward to hearing good news post surgery.

Take Care,

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Tony - I am new to this club and getting my surgery in July. Have talked to several folks who have got recent surgery. One said it is like flying in an airplane. Once you buckle up the pilot is in charge and cant do much about it. So think of this as an airplane fligh. To doctors this is a sheer and simple routine. I have had several surguries due to sporting injuries so I know the process and I have minimal anxieties for mine. You seems to have lot going on an that may add to complexity - but still is all good.

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We are all with you...good luck on getting the new wifey pregnant...lol...try try try...I agree with Chitown, I also told my Doc about being nervous and he gave me a valium for the nite b4, and during prep, I told the Dr I was ready to bolt, so after the IV was in, she gave me something "To relax me"...I don't remember anything else until I was in recovery...not the surgery room, not the DiVinci nothing....I guess it worked...lmao

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The docs usually give Versed...ask for it when you get to the hospital for surgery. It works wonders. Propafol is given for anesthesia..another wonder drug.
As for the previous night, not sure how I will deal with my previous night of surgery. The best I can think of is the plan not sleeping, reading or listening to music

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Pretend we're all outside the OR, cheering for you!!!

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best to you and hear from you on the post surgery side....and walk walk walk after surgery...

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