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Well guys, something happened tonight that even before my operation I tought might never happen again, and afterwards I really thought would never happen again. I mentioned in a few posts after surgery that one of the things that was really important to me was to get back to bowling in our Monday League with my wife. I started bowling again at the end of February, about 5 weeks after the surgery, and tonight I was able to bowl a perfect game (300- twelve strikes in a row). Can't explain in words what it means to me to be able to do this. It is proof to me thtat things can get back to being somewhat normal. Right now I am on cloud nine



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    Joe YOU DA MAN!!!
    About 99% of the population can only dream about a perfect score in bowling...I know I will never get there...probably if I remember correctly my best score was a 238....now when I so infrequently go I am lucky to get into the 140's. That's fantastic....they should have given you a week of free games or beer or something!

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    wish I could bowl like that
    Thats cool Joe .I only ever get to 180 maybe 200 . I can see why your smiling in the pic now. Thats a sign that the bodys getting back to normal hope alls improving as well as your perfect score cheers happy days
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    WOW! Is that better then
    WOW! Is that better then going the 0 club? That makes two people that I know that have bowled 300. I won't mention my score to you. But I only play once in a blue moon.