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Stage IV endometrial cancer chemo

Gina Pal
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My sister was diagnosed in Sept. 2009 with Stage IV endometrial cancer. She had 6 months of taxol/carboplatin and 3 radiation treatments. A CT-PET scan showed no evidence of disease less than 6 weeks ago. Recently, her CA125 shot up and repeat CT-PET scan shows that the cancer is again active. Her doctor wants to put her on Doxil. Is Doxil approved for treatment of advanced stage endometrial cancer? From what I can see on the FDA website, it doesn't look like it. Has anyone out there had this treatment. Thanks so much for your help.

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hi, ive been on doxil for about 9mos and i have metatasized uteran sarcoma stage4. i am 48 years old. i was diag in nov of 2008 had surgery, tumor taken out and i had a hesterectomy. doxil worked well for me. i am no longer on it thou i just stopped using it last month. on doxil my numbers really went down every mo. but now the side effects were really getting bad so my dr. decided to change my chemo so my skin could get a rest . before i started doxil i had a bad reaction to carbo platin /taxol it did not work for me so thats when i went on doxil and i did not have any problems with it . now i am on a 2month break and i will start a new chemo in june but i dont know which one yet. for me doxil was a good choice i had a pet/ct scan last mo and there is still some cancer cells but nothing new so we will keep fighting.

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On this same website, there is a Discussion Board for Uterine Cancer. Several of the women posting there have had recurrences of their endometrial / uterine cancers (including me!) Doxil is a very common 1st line chemo for a recurrence of uterine cancers and several of the women are taking that. I had a suspected recurrance of my Uterine Papillary Serous Cancer in November after a 5 month remission. (I was originally diagnosed in Spetember 2008; had the big 'debulking' hysterectomy October 2008; followed by the usual 6 rounds of carbo/taxol and 28 IMRT pelvic radiation treatments and 3 internal brachys.) Because it was close to the holidays when I recurred I was given the option of delaying treatment or taking a low-dose of taxol weekly to 'hold' me until after the holidays. I chose to immediately start weeky taxol, which was followed by Neupogen shots each of the 3 days following my chemo infusion every week, to keep my white count up. To everyone's surprise, the weekly low-dose taxol was enough to drop my CA125, and so we stayed on it after the holidays. And after 10 rounds I had a clear CT/PET and a CA125 in the normal range and was back in remission by mid-January!! But the original recurrance treatment plan had always been to have me go on Doxil after the holidays. And if the cancer comes back again, Doxil will probably be the chemo they recommend.

You can learn a lot about Doxil from the OVARIAN cancer board, as many of them are on Doxil for their cancer.

BTW, I had NO side effects from the weekly 'fractionated' taxol, other than baldness (AGAIN!) and fatigue, so that's an 'easy' chemo you may want to mention as a treatment idea.

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