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Kidney removal and recovery

opito bay
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As mentioned earlier I had my right kidney removed laprasopicaly 3 months ago on the 11th January. I am anxious a lot about my first Scan since the removal. Could anyone advise me on how soon after surgery should I have another Scan. I think if I had one soon it may ease my anxiety, possibly not as I guess I will feel anxious for a long time yet. A very good friend of mine died late last year after having Right Kidney Tumors same as myself. I spent a lot time with him up until he passed away and I am sure this is effecting my handling of my own recovery. I also had Postate cancer 4 years ago and while the specialist advises there is no connection it is hard to settle down after this latest problem. I am going to ask for a scan, interested in comments on the above and thoughts on having the scan so soon.
Would appreciate any and all comments as struggling with this.

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I was staged T3b in Mar. 2009. My left kidney removed. For what its worth, I'm getting CT scans every 6 months. I also get anxious when I have to meet with the doctor to get the results of the CT scan. I don't think that feeling will ever go away. The positive side of this,(If you can consider it positive) is that if they find something, the sooner they find something the better your chances.

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My surgery was 7 and 1/2 years ago and was stage 1. I had a CT 6 monhts later and than a CT scan annually. This coming August I am scheduled for an ultrasound. Now that I am on Medicare and even before the doctors have guidlines as to how often they can order a test and what test. I have spoken with people who are past 10 years and the tests become less frequent. I was not worried about the first CT scan which turned out to be positive so why should I worry now. Worrying is not going to help.

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With surgery in 2006, a positive CT in 2007-more surgery, and positive CT in 2008-more surgery, again......yes, I still get apprehensive. The test takes a day out of activities and is not fun, since I have to have pre and post hydration and the barium sulfate solution gives me diarrhea. But for two years now-every six months-the results have been good. But I have realized that worry does nothing to improve the results of the test, make the reading come back faster, etc. Since I've been thru this so many times (13 or 14 so far) the oncology nurse lets me call in to get the results within a couple of days after the test.

I participate in a cancer support group. Betty has not had to have a CT since she was deemed 10 years free, which was 3 years ago. She only has her blood checked. Sharon had surgery 4 years ago, was treated for mets to the lungs, and is now in the gap between COBRA and Medicare coverage. So I'm lucky. I work, have insurance, and have beat kidney cancer 3 times.

Make every effort to stay positive. We all have a lot to live for.

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