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Feb 8th, on a routine ct scan, I was diagnosed with a tumor in upper left lobe of lung which has metastasized to a lymph mode in the chest. It was too risky to finish the bronscopy because the tumor is too close to an artery. Needle biopsy was also ruled out for that same reason. I was finally able to have biopsy in the lymph node. Stage 3 lung cancer.
Surgery was ruled out because of artery and I also have emphysema.
Treatment was delayed because of a mystery lung infection which consumed about half my lung.
After 2 wks of antibiotics the infection was still present though smaller.
Treatment of chemo/radiation was started on April 5.
I am taking cisplatin & etopeside. Radiation treatmens are every week-day for 7 weeks.
This is my first week-end off. The only side effects so far are a shaky feeling inside and some insomnia.
I am hoping to hear from some of you in my position. Helps to know what I am to expect.

This is my second time cancer has raisesd it's ugly head with me. The first was just 4 years ago, stage 3 uterine cancer. I beat it then and I'll beat it now!!

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That's what got me through! ;)And of course you will beat it!
Seriously, I went through the same regime you are going through (couldn't have surgery because of the location of the tumor). Exercise (if possible),was a key element. If it is hard for you to breathe, there are plenty of exercises you can do sitting down; anything to get your heart going a bit. I plodded through my treatments and kept going to work. I would get home around 5 and most times be asleep by 7. I could sleep anywhere. Please tell you doc about the insomnia. Not only does sleep deprivation cause depression; your body needs lots of sleep to help you heal.
As to food, well to each his own, but I chose Klondike bars to keep my weight level. yum. Certain foods still don't taste right to me, and I still go for the bars (except carefully now ;)). So I would say my main problem was fatigue and I know that shakiness you talk about, that is kind of creepy but it went away after awhile. Drink plenty of juice and water. Get plenty of books to get you through and of course there is always a Law and Order marathon going on somewhere!
Hope this helps! Please know htat there are plenty in the same boat you are and we are here to help.

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I was in same situation a year ago. Finished first round of rad and chemo after Pet scan, lungs were clear. 3 weeks later felt knot on neck, yup lymph node. Went through 2nd round of rad and chemo, last PET was january, free of cancer. I didn't have any reactions to rad, and only thing with Chemo in begining was lost of appetite. I have since gained back almost all of my weight. Purposely not trying to put all back on lol. My chemo waS TAXOL and carbon... I'm on permanent disabily which is a blessing, don't want to even think about haveing to go to work.

good luck and hang in there, we can beat this.

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Yesterday i was diagnosed with mass measuring 3.5cmx3.7cm in the middle lobe of the right lung. I can't get a pet scan until May 11, 2010 and I am scheduled to see a surgeon on the 24 of May. I am really scared and don't have a clue of how to deal wih this.....any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Esther

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I just found out that it was cancer on Tuesday of last week. Had my PET on Friday and will see my surgeon on the 13th. Like you, I am just stunned and heartbroken. I am going to call my doctor to see if I can get something for anxiety. Many people have suggested that to me. I figure they are going through the same thing as we are and the voice of experience is worth listening to. I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us as we deal with this together. Take care Esther.

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Hi Esther, I had my left lung removed 1 month ago. My tumor was 7cm x 4cm and my whole lung had to go because of were it was. As of the time of sugery it had not spread anywere. During surgery they removed a bunch of lymph nodes to test and found that it was in the 2 closest to the tumor, now i have to start chemo and radiation in a couple weeks to ward it off. It is very scary, but you will get through it. I am a single parent and have only one income and am now our of work for at least 3 months with no income and I own 2 properties so that is very stressful for me. I am 50 years old. The recovery from the removal takes about 6 weeks and the hospital stay is usually around 5 days. It depends, they may want to do chemo to shrink it and then remove it or just remove it. Depends on your surgeon. Good luck and stay strong.