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My side of this story is different from most, it's not me that is suffering from osteosarcoma but my best friend. Right now everyday is a different day we don't know if he will make it through this yet, but I'd like to share his story. He is a normal 15 year old guy and loves basketball with a passion and plays all the time so when a sore knee started he didn't think much about it and we all told him to just work it off. But after months of pain he decided to see his doctor. They found a egg sized tumor between him knee and femur but they figured it was a sports related injury and didn't think much about it but we were still scared. He then went to see a specialist and under went a biopsy and they got our hopes up and said it didn't look like cancer. That gave us a sliver of hope but days later it was ruined they were wrong and he was diagnosed with cancer. Right now he is under going chemo treatments and is pretty sick, the possibility of him losing his leg is high but we have to have faith. I ask everyone will keep him in your prayers and hope he will get through this.

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