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I'm HOME!!! Without a bag!!

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Hey.. I made it home okay.. Now I'm just waiting to poop. I'm eating a reg diet sense lunch and liquid diet yesterday and this moring. I'm trying to drink and walk to help get things moving. You you have any ides to how I can get things to pass more quickly please let me know.

Lov ya

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Hi Brooks,

I'm amazed that you're already home- that's great! I don't have firsthand experience with your surgery, but I did read somewhere that chewing gum gets the whole digestive system going & that supposedly, people who chew gum in the hospital after GI surgeries get to go home an average of 1-2 days sooner because things got moving sooner. Try it!

Take care and rest up!


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Yeah, I heard that too. But make sure it's not bubble gum, and
don't swallow it! The bubbles will stick to your underwear and
make life really difficult.

Good luck, ehh.....!


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Glad it all went well. Hope the spirit moves soon. ;O

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you home and doing so well just don't rush the healing take it easy

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Congratulations, it sounds like you did well to be home so quickly!

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I'm glad your finally home ,and doing ok.I think if you keep walking,and eating,it will eventually start to come out.Good luck.

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Tried a Shop-vac and Duct-tape?

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Sounds like you are in pretty good spirits.Hope things get to moving soon.


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Glad to hear it turned out great. I'm just starting everything and hope to be as lucky as you. Great to hear. Now enjoy life. Do the things you've always wanted to do and never got around to doing them, within reason. God Bless ya!

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Awesome, Brooks! Hope everything "goes" well soon!


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Yeah, you're home!!! Yes! Praying everything is good real soon.


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wow you are home already?
I would be careful on the regular food until your bowels wake up, if you start vomiting, you will know it was too soon
I was in the hospital a week after colostomy take down- that is how long it took for the bowels to wake up and get a moving. My surgeon said ahead of surgery I would be in 7 days- that that was pretty much the average on getting bowels to move.
Good luck

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Unbelievable turnaround, can't believe you are already at the house.

Can't believe they let you out of the hospital before you pooped either - that's usually standard protocol.

Normally a 7-8 day period for the bowels to wake up after surgery.

WTG - Craig

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Keep a bedpan nearby if you can't get out of bed yet; remember you're on your own now when ya gotta move....Hope pain is beerable....steve

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Congrats Brooks. When I had my reversal I did took a lot of short walks but still got backed up, to the point where I had an 18 hour period of vomiting about 3 days post-surgery. What ended up getting things moving for me was lying on one side for a few minutes then flipping to my other side after a few minutes, back and forth. It was completely by accident that I flipped once, heard some gurgling down then and a little movement so I kept flipping. A few hours later things were moving. Totally unscientific and maybe only worked for me, but it might be worth a try if nothing else seems to be working.


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maybe they can send your belongings to your house. Oh, THAT kind of bag!
Great news!!!!
Sometimes Mexican food does it for me but then again, it can burn on it's exit...

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Glad the procedure was uncomplicated. I hope things get moving for you very soon!

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Great News! Glad you are home. Prune juice works for me.

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...Brooks. I don't know why but whenever I browse in a bookstore, I gotta go.

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Gosh you sure got home quick and I hope the bowels wake up quick also.

Take it easy, walk a little.


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applause......oh well done Brooks.....so glad you are home and feisty

good work


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Great news, glad to hear everything went well. I don't know if this helps, but stop thinking about it, it might happen. I work in child care and when potty training little ones, sometimes they think too much about making tinkle or poop in the potty and then they can't go. It will come!! Take care and God Bless. Margaret

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granted i'm glad your home so early and surgery seemed to go well for you which is great! however, it's odd they let you go before things got moving and moving regularly. how are you now? one of the replies here warned you if you begin to vomit you know things are backing up instead of moving. in the hospital if your bowells don't wake up in a reasonable abmount of time and or you begin to suffer the consequences of your bowells not working properly they would place a tube through your nose to your stomach to keep the stomach empty and this helps relax the bowells so that it helps for things to move along sooner rather then later. you being home are unable to have this so i would not be eating and probably limited to nothing of liquid either? i would call your doctor and or surgeon right away if things haven't turnd around for you.


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Been home for just about 24 hours and seem to be just fine. Still passing lots of gas and a little runny stuff but no big blow out yet. I figure after 8 months with a bag it will take more then 2 days to have a big poop but as long as gas is comming out it's moving. I'll call my surgen tomorrow if no big poops tonight. Also remember that my wife is a nurse so she's been feeling my belly for problems.

I'll keep you guys posted

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poop like the wind Brooks, poop like the wind and may you stop when you want to!

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Wow that was quick , congratulations, all the best

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Well I was going to say way to go, but...
I am very happy for you, hopefully things will get moving shortly. Wish I could tell ya some magic formula. continued sucess to you and happy you are home!!

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I think I remember you saying you lived out in California? If so, go get one of those "in-n-out" burgers. I usually have to go to the bathroom before I am done eating the burger.

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Glad to hear you didn't have to stay long!

Try the gum, as has been suggested, I have also heard of that.

Here to getting things moving soon.



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Welcome home Brooks. I hope you get going soon. McDonalds usually gets me going.

Good Luck,


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try bananas?? helped me hugs lol

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Glad to hear all went well.


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So glad things went well and you are already home. Sorry this is a late post, have been so busy havent had much time on the board. But wanted to say Congrats, and stay healthy..


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My hospital would never let me leave the hospital unless I passed my bowels, a couple times, they wouldn't even let me eat, they had me on liquids, and TPN, and after my colostomy, I was there for like 9 days, just waiting to finally pass something. When I finally did, wow, was I happy! I got to go home!

I hope they didn't let you out too early, I'd be worried about that. I just hope everything "comes out ok", but so glad you're back! and feeling good!


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Hope your doin good still...and coffee makes me run like the wind.....try a little warm java..Im sure you have already gone by now hopefully....and again a belated welcome home to you my friend...........Love and Hope, Buzz

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Belated welcome home to you. Hope you are feeling well!

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