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Good to see such positive give and take

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Hi all havent posted in awhile some of you might remember me some might not. Either way I have found a new way and it has completely stopped all dripping completely. I bought a teeter hangup on ebay and it does wonders over those kegals.

Now I am not saying everyone go and buy a teeter.I am just giving my results and would suggest you check with your doctor before considering this even though I didnt.

Had surgery on Sept. 3rd of 2009. 3psa tests all came back negative. Still having trouble in the erection area. Get about half way and no more.Viagra does absolutely nothing, thinking about changing to cialis or levitra and hope they help.

Good to read all your posts and as always prayers are with you all both newbies and us so called experienced survivors(lol).

Nick...aged 53..psa at surgery 6.8..had 5 out of 6 cores positive for cancer....After surgery cancer was found to be completely contained but as you all know every new test still makes you wonder..

Family history for cancer is not good...Peace to you all and make your own decision based on yourself as you and you alone have to live with the results..


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Glad you found a cure on the incontience! And I know what you mean about every PSA test...holding your breath...I feel with each passing test of a non-detectable I will get more confortable...but that remains to be experienced...going for my second PSA test on May 26th. I want to remain a memeber of the zero club!

Randy in Indy

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Good to hear of the success in the dry area. I think we are all willing to try whatever brings success. Good to hear about the zero results. Who would have ever thought that getting a big fat 0 on a test would one day become so important to us. I had them every 3 months last year and I'm down to every 6 months this year, next one in July. I start to get anxious about two weeks out from the dates. Congrats to you guys.

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Glad to see some old faces still here... I am coming up to my one year..still dread the PSA test...still less than 0.. but worry non the less...dripping still an issue, some days I can go to work and not use a pad, get some leaking, but usually dries by itself with no tell tell signs...other days I will go thru 3 to 6 pads, don't know why, other than maybe the muscles get tired. Erections for me are painful, scar tissue bends erections severely to the side...wants to make a left turn...lmao... so I avoid at all cost...had pills to help at first, worked wonderful... now I wake up from the pain...cold showers!!!!! Glad to hear success with your dripping, I pray mine will eventually stop all together...

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