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intraocular melanoma in a child. anybody knows anything about this rare´s?

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hello everybody.

i can tell you about my nephew. His name is Alvaro and he is 2 years old. He lives in Madrid (spain) and he has 2 brothers and sisters.

the doctor diagnose him an intraocular melanoma 6 months ago. This kind of cancer is extremely rare in children. In spain, doctors didn´t know almost anything about it. IN September, they took out one of his eyes. he begun a tomotherapy just around the eye. after checking that the rest of the body was empty of bad cells.

When he finished ( 2 months ago) he was resting happy at home but this weeek he seemed tired and my sister took him to the hospital. The diagnosis is. metastasis in a lung, with a mark in the other one and in the liver too. Tomorrow he will start with chemotherapy.

I can´t read almost nothing about this kind of cancer in children. Doctors says that they don´t know what is the best way to work because it´s estremely rare and they don´t know how Alvaro will respond to the treatment. I can´t understand why international doctors are not interested in my nephew with so rare melanoma (if it´s really rare like spanish doctors say). I friend of mine works as a doctor in the Anderson hospital in Huston, and he told us about so strange cancer in a child too.

I don´t hope my sweet nephew will recover but i need help, PLEASE, to understand and know anything else about this intraocular melanoma. Any experience in a relative?

Thank you very much


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