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I had surgery for colon cancer Sept. 09. I have taken 9 chemo treatments with Eloxatin+.
I had to return to work before my treatments were through(12). I would like to hear from people who have taken this treatment and how they have dealt with the after effects. My doctors assure me that the nerve damage is only temporary-6 months to a year.?
Thanks for any info-

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I'm starting to see some improvement tho it did get worse for about a month after my 12th tx.


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Thanks for the info-The doctor put me on Lyrica to help with the pain since I returned to work. It has changed the pain from agony to numbness in my hands and feet. This scares me but it is better than the awful hurt I was having. They told me it could last 6 mo. to a yr. Then I saw some comments from people 5 yrs out that were disabled from it. So your post made my day.

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George finished his Folfox, etc. I think it was December and the other day he mentioned that the tingling stuff in his hands/fingers was better. He is still on chemo, but not the nasty Oxi stuff. Everyone is different.


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I was Dx in May 07, stage 3, did folfox with Oxy for 7 treatments, then folfri for 5 treatments, it came back in Oct 08, stage 4, had surgery then 8 months of Xeolda, finished in June 09, and I have neuropathy pretty bad in my left leg, and both feet, hands are okay. I take neurotin and that has helpped with the tingling but the numbness is still there. I sure hope it gets better, I am almost 1 year out from my last chemo treatment....


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