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To: Patti (ittapp) - An Open Letter

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Dear Semis;

Our hearts are heavy tonight after we learned the news about Patti. I'm grateful for her brother, Jeff, to update us on her progress.

Patti has been on my mind all day - I've been searching my heart for something that I can do to help ease my pain, and the pain that each of us are undoubtedly feeling tonight.

I first just wanted to tell her husband, Chuck, and her brother, Jeff, that we are all so very sorry that this has happened so suddenly. We hurt right along with you tonight and share your sorrow. Patti is adored here and is a valued member of our community. She and I joined the same month and instantly hit it off - she's been a very special friend to me.

For awhile, I was able to help and comfort her, but she moved into territory I was unfamiliar with, and then she became ill and I did not want to bother her, so I did not stay in touch near enough. I hope that you will forgive me for this. I feel like I failed her in some way, but not being to offer anything to help her. There was a time where I thought I was making a difference and maybe I did for awhile, but she outgrew me, and I could only watch helplessly from the sidelines and support her that way. I know she knows how I feel about her.

Please tell her again that her "Kindred Spirit" is sorry I was not there for her and I will not let that happen again. I'm so saddened that she is suffering. She's a tremendously strong woman, who is showing us all about Dignity and Courage. Now, we're learning from her.

We all want our Patti back, just like you do. And we're going to keep the lights on here, until she returns, OK?

In addition, I know Patti likes prayer and Jeff has asked me to pray for her. I have done this and continue to do so. Then, it occured to me that I could do a little something extra for Patti.

So, out on the Spiritual and Meditation board, I have written a special prayer for Patti and have asked for healing. If you would like to pray with me for Patti, then please go to that board and look for the "Prayer for Patti" post that I opened. My wish for this is that our voices will be so LOUD, that Patti will feel our voices and also the love and affection that we have for her. I feel this is something that we can do, for those folks that would like to participate.

It's been a hard day - I want to thank you all in advance for taking your time to read this post and pray on the other post. And of course, good vibes, positive thoughts, good kharma, and anything else that you want to say to her woud be appreciated by her family as well.

Thank you, Everybody!

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I thought of Patti all day yesterday.


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Such a beautiful person Craig, I'm going to lookie....


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I love Patti dearly and have been praying for her since Jeff first came and told us about her. Then she came and we realized we're in the same type chuch and same state. She's 20 years younger than me but is wise beyond her years.

I almost went to the hospital to see her when she was in two weeks ago, but Patti has a huge network of friends in her community and church praying for her, helping out and supporting the family. I felt it would have seemed like someone slowing down to view an accident. Also, it's about 2 1/2 hours round trip because of having to go thru Atlanta.

People ask me if I'm mad at God. 'Do you ask God 'Why Me?' I think of Patti, Lisa, Eric, Phil, Donna and others and think 'Why not me?'


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Ask those same questions all the time as well Diane....Why Not Me :)


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I want to let Patti's brother Jeff know that I also am thinking of and praying for Patti, plus her immediate and extended family. My heart aches for Patti and her family. It seems a bit eerie to me that Patti's situation is so similar to mine (she's 42, I'm 43; we're both stage IV,and we both have 3 kids, & I've also dealt with recent blood pressure problems and drs. were worried I'd have a stroke when it got too high. Weird that we're similar in many ways).

-I just (Mon, 4/12) edited out what I wrote the other day- I was feeling very gloomy that day & that mood poured out in what I had written here- my apologies for the pessimistic/gloominess I oozed out- no one needed that. Sorry f you read my reply that day, I didn't mean to turn it into gloominess about myself- this post is about PATTI!

**I have since read an update posted by Diane, that Patti is progressing and things are looking hopeful. I am SO glad to hear that!! I believe Patti will progress and do well again. YAY!

To Jeff and Patti's husband- my thoughts and prayers are with Patti and you and the kids.
I am praying daily for Patti and all of you. :)

God bless,

Fight for my love
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Dear Patti,please get well soon.You are in my prayers.

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i'm not sure if im posting to all of this or sending a private message but ..this place-was and is a heavenly place Patti was reluctant to talk on here... but once she did she got so much peace and comfort from you all...she isn't doing very well at the moment ..we don't know how to let her kids know whats up ..they basically think their moms just sick... and I have my daughter staying with them to keep em occupied...anyways im just lost and devastated and BTW Patti has 5 brothers and one sister we are all fighting and prying for her and we all appreciate each and every one of you...keep them prayers coming..i feel the LORDS presence in here i get a lil peace from you all i thank y'all,,,Jeff

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Dear Jeff:

Please tell Patti, that not only her kids need her, but-maybe selfishly- we ALL need her! I haven't been in contact too much...busy with my own stupid mind instead of focusing on others, and how I could help...now that was/is very selfish of me. But, I do need her! And I will walk for her tomorrow as well! Tell her, we need her, and I hope she'll be doing better soon, or at least not suffer!

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I don't know Patti like many of the other people on this board but I feel like I do just from reading/listening to everyone else. In the Quaker tradition, I'm holding Patti, you, her husband and children, and the rest of your/her family in the Light, hoping and praying for healing and peace.

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You posted in exactly the right place. If you count all of us, Patti has many more brothers + sisters; we all care for her so much. Patti, you + alll her family are in my mind constantly right now, + I hope Patti will start to feel better very soon.

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Thanks for posting such a lovely letter.

I am still praying for Patti's family and for her. She's been on my mind quite a bit.


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Lord: Please hear our prayers for Patti, we so desperatley want her to heal. Please guide her family and hold them dear as they deal with this.



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Our family is praying for you Patti, as well as for your family.


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Just a simple note to let you know Me and Mine are sending prayers also, and will continue as long as it takes.


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