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A Prayer for Our Dear Semi;Colon Patti (ittapp)

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Dearest Patti

Hurting so badly for you right now and wanted to do something for you so you could feel all of our love and appreciation for you, the person. I'm deeply saddened by what has happened to you. I'm searching for a way to help ease some of our pain that we are feeling for you.

I know that you ask for prayer and your brother Jeff (what a great guy) has asked me to pray and keep on praying - and you know I can still do that - I can still support you - I can still care about you - and I can still love who you are. So, I'm writing this prayer just for you. It is my sincere hope that the love of this board will transcend the distance and you will feel our loving embrace around you as we all try and will you back to good health. Patti, please, please come back to us. I don't know what I would do without you in our lives - I have missed you something terrible. Can you forgive me for not talking to you enough? My heart is heavy and I broke my #1 rule - to tell people how you feel about them while you can. I know your mind is active, so I know Jeff or your family can read this to you. Just know that your "Kindred Spirit" still cares about you and I need you back in a big way.

Dear Semi;Colon Family
Will you join me in this prayer that I wrote for our beloved family member, Patti?

Let us bow our heads and pray.

Dear Heavenly Father

We ask for a miracle tonight. We do not ask for ourselves, but for our beloved sister, Patti. She's in trouble right now and we are all hurting as a community in trying to deal with this and understand Why? Why has something like this happened and put a dark cloud over our community? Why has this beautiful spirit been afflicted after what she has been through?

We ask for Peace and Comfort for her husband, her brother, her children, and the rest of her family during this most difficult time. We ask for Patti, that you heal her and allow her to come back to us. Please allow her to be able to swallow, and talk again. Please comfort her right now and wrap your loving arms around her and protect her from harm. Please let her hear our voices reaching out to her, crying her name, so that she may feel the love of this community, who loves her, and holds her so dear to our hearts.

We also understand that this is another test for all of us. Our Faith and Conviction is being put to the test, but we will not fail or give up on Patti. We do not pretend to know how bad things happen to good people, but we will use this as a rallying point to keep supporting her and her family in good times and bad times. Please provide each of us the strength to carry on and meet this challenge head-on. Our spirits are low and we need to dip in the waters and renew our souls, so we can keep the vigil alive in our hearts.

I know this is alot to ask for, but we want our Patti back, if it is your will to do so.

We ask all of this in Your name, Amen.

Thank you, Everyone!

P.S. Get well, "Kindred Spirit"


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You are so good and loving to all of us in the semi-colon family, don't ever doubt that. Your encouragement, knowledge and care is felt in every word you type. We are all up against a horrible disease and you help us face it with love and dignity. Why this stroke has now happened to Patti at the tender age of 42, well, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

Your prayer is so loving and hopefully everyone who reads it will feel the words for Patti and her family and that our Lord will also hear our words.

St. Jude is the Saint of the impossible so I have also asked him to intervene on Patti's behalf.

Love to all my semi-colons and all those suffering and hurting.

Tina and George

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I Prayed your beautifully written Prayer for Patti this morning. With everyone Praying, God will hear us and Patti will feel our thoughts and good wishes. Craig you are there for all of the people on this board, don't ever feel you let anyone down. Take care and Patti and her family knows that we are all thinking and Praying for her. God Bless everyone on this board. Margaret

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Oh Jesus, Precious Father God, I praise You for allowing me to know Patti if only through the internet. I praise You for the lives she has touched in her family, in her church and in her community. I praise You for the smiles on the faces of her children which show me they are well loved. Father God, Jehovah Rapha, our Great Physician, I lift my sister in Christ, Patti P. to your throne today. I lift her broken body and ask that you breathe healing into her. Repair the damage that has been done by this stroke. Give her back her voice. Knit her cells back together anew. Put movement back into her left arm and left leg. Give her strength to fight another day. Give her back to her husband, her two children and all who love her. Father, we don't know why You allowed this wretched disease to attack a woman who so clearly worships you. We don't understand why someone who is so good, so kind, so precious is allowed to suffer but You told Simon Peter that You'd pray for him and when he returned to 'Strengthen his brothers'. Use Patti's life! Use Patti's healing for YOUR glory, Lord. Lift her up so that Your name may be glorified in all the earth. I ask this in the precious name of my Savior Jesus Christ, amen

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I'm not on the colon board so don't follow what goes on there but I can tell by what was posted here. I am saddened that anyone has to suffer like this. I pray that Patti's suffering might be eased. I know that she will realize your concern for her.

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That is a good prayer,AMEN.

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I will continue to pray for Patti and her family. Thanks, Craig, for expressing so beautifully what we all want God to hear.

Priscilla from San Antonio

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I will continue to pray for Patti and her family. Thanks, Craig, for expressing so beautifully what we all want God to hear.

Priscilla from San Antonio

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from your heart, to our lips, to God's ears. Thank you.
Blessings, Joanne

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I too will be praying for Patti

All the best to you Craig.

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Father God, I lift up Chuck, Ally and Austin, Jeff and Patti's other brothers as well as all those who loved her so much. I ask You, Father, to be with them in the coming days, months and years. Let their memories of Patti be of healthy and happy times and fade away the memories of her in pain or sickness. I thank You, Father, that Patti is a child of The King and is now with Jesus and her parents in heaven. I thank you for that assurance that she will see her family again some day. I thank You for loving Patti in the midst of her storm. In Jesus name I pray, amen

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Nana b
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Patti, I have faith that I will one day get to meet you in spirit. Come visit me some time!

I drive a Chevy! Nana!

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